Women's Internal experience of pain with sex

The talk I gave at the Women's Health and Fitness Summit 2 weeks ago is now available for viewing! I wrote and spoke this TED-like talk to shed a light on how I work with women who have difficulty with penetration due to a hypertonic (overly active) pelvic floor. If this is you - I see you and I am on a mission to ensure that other health professionals see you beyond the physical and to modify their approaches towards you (without telling you to relax - that word alone is bound to put you on guard).

I've witnessed truly wonderful outcomes working with women for 7 sessions where they have a hypertonic pelvic floor (including comfortable penetrative intercourse and pregnancies!)

It's best approached working with me and a physiotherapist if possible as they can give you biofeedback and I can work with your feelings and beliefs that are blocking your capacity to open. 

It's safe for you to open.

Watch the talk and book your free private discussion with me in if you need 1.1 support in my private sessions

Lauren xo