What if this doesn’t work?”


Fast-forward 75 minutes and the relief they feel is palpable. 

 The word they use to describe how they feel is: lighter.

 Fast forward to the end of their sex therapy process and the words they use are: life changing.


How long have you been experiencing this lack of libido inside your relationship?


And have you seen that happen in other relationships too? If you’re anything like most of my clients, then the answer is yes.


That means you’ve been experiencing this for years and haven’t found a solution yet.


Part of that is because you may have been looking for a band-aid solution, but the real cure is much deeper…



Hi! I'm Lauren - Qualified Sexologist and confidante to women that want to crack open, dissolve their limiting blocks, say YES because they mean it and leave behind the mindset of I'm just not a sexual person behind. Sound good? When we work together, you walk away knowing how to:

Place boundaries around your high achiever to leave space for libido 

Keep the balance of high achievement with pleasure

Moderate your stress for more magnetic output

Reduce the people pleasing & martyr mode that grinds your libido to a halt

Awaken sensations in your body & life that you might not have noticed before

Have choices when anxiety & stress arises so that you can bring it down for yourself, by yourself

Feel more engaged in your sex life after resolved trauma 

Move beyond sexual pain, discomfort and/or an inability to have penetrative sex

Stop avoiding sex altogether and gently introduce or re-introduce it

We're talking all the stuff that women need to actually enjoy their libidos. And we all know, that when women are happy, acknowledged and heard, everyone in her world benefits. She is magnetic because she OWNS it. 

You are ready and so very worthy. 


“I’m now confident in what I want and deserve”

Like I’m sure many women, I was hesitant to visit a Sexologist – I was so private about what seemed to be to be an abnormal struggle that I shouldn’t tell anyone for fear of being outed as ‘strange’. Within ten minutes of my first session with Lauren these fears melted away to be replaced by real and genuine hope and comfort inspired by Lauren’s incredible warmth, honesty, vibrancy and energy which somehow makes you feel heard, justified and looked after all at once! Her knowledge of sexuality, the female body and relationships is outstanding, and she can explain to you in depth what and why you are feeling the way you are when even you are unsure.

She offers genuinely helpful tasks and advice to aid you through your sexuality journey, and understands how your changes will affect your partner, if one is present in your life. Whilst I expected to become more ‘secure’ in my sexual relationships over the four sessions I had, I become something much more intrinsically valuable and sustainable: confident in what I want and what I deserve.
— Amber, Brisbane



 SPRING || OCTOBER 20, 2019

Stress is the biggest threat to your libido.

Are you ready for that to change?

Are you willing to come down from stress + execution to see what you can feel underneath all that?

Because it’s in the underneath that your libido is hiding.

And the truth of this is liberating. Empowering.


Decompress is the one-day retreat curated to help you cultivate your very own way of giving yourself respite from the high-achiever mode so that you can experience the deep stirrings of your libido.

You, me and 3 other women in 3 elements : Greenery + An Inner Sanctuary + Water

Join before the early bird closes September 30th!

Decompress stood out to me as something I wanted to participate in for myself. I was nervous at the start but Lauren made us all feel welcomed and relaxed. The day had a beautiful, honest flow with each segment building on the previous. Lauren’s knowledge is amazing and she has so much care and support to give.

I learned to listen more to myself and how to find areas to work on for further improving my libido. Some beautiful goals are set.

Our day was filled with emotion, grounding, dance, beautiful food, laughter and learning, and best of all - warm water. I leave invigorated and curious.
— Maria, Brisbane
Before Decompress I felt like something was wrong with me. Surely, as a 27 year old woman I would be keen to have sex all the time, right? But I didn’t and that made me feel shitty about myself.

During Decompress I was able to connect with the other beautiful women who, although older and in different life situations, were experiencing similar issues. It was comforting to be vulnerable together and to open up to each other and connect.

Now, I feel at ease within myself and I am hopeful that I can make positive changes to my sex life and become more present in the bedroom.
— Angie, Brisbane

The very notion of being a woman who likes things a certain way, appreciates a good checklist (or timetable) and loves to hit life goals isn’t really synonymous with sexual liberation.


That if you dropped the idea of thinking you need to be anyone but yourself in sex that you would finally tap into the comforting truth that you’re sexual just as you are. That you don’t need someone to step in and confirm that you are sexual but that it is you that needs to give your libido the green light…

Permission...will cultivate, support and liberate your feminine reclamation so that you will never seek, or most importantly, need permission for your own sexual expression ever again.
— Lisa Lister, Bestselling author of Witch, Love Your Lady Landscape and Code Red