Speaking, presenting & MC-ing


So much of being open in your sexual and intimate life means speaking up. Using your voice. Being real, authentic and clear. In my experience, there is no way around it.

Lucky for me, I love speaking. It wasn’t always this way but as my wisdom grew, so too did my confidence and my desire to get out there and share.

Here is my blossoming portfolio of my speaking engagements where my expertise has been enlisted by other women who run health and wellness services.

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the women’s health + fitness summit platform

In 2018, I applied for and secured a position to deliver a TED-like talk at the Women’s Health + Fitness Summit in Melbourne. I underwent 4+ months of rigorous coaching to deliver my well received talk on women’s internal experience of pain with sex. The talk gave health and fitness professionals a rare insight into how a sex therapist works with women experiencing a hypertonic (overly toned) pelvic floor when this is inhibiting her capacity for penetration.

As the creator of the Women’s Health and Fitness Summit, one of our objectives is to nurture new presenters to stage. We achieve this through running a six month intensive program called The Platform. There is a highly competitive application process to ascertain that the winners are dedicated to the demands of the program.

Lauren White not only excelled at her application, but also excelled in her commitment to the presenter program.

The result? A well thought out, professionally delivered presentation that was received well by the audience.

Lauren White has a clear message that needs to be heard to bring awareness to both her (much needed) work, but also to the thousands of women suffering in silence. Her delivery was engaging and her manner professional.

I would have no hesitation in having her back to present at my conference, or recommend her to another.
— Michelle (Mish) Wright


Big Boobie Bash

Being invited at Australia’s first breast positive event was beyond thrilling! Catwalks, models…it was all happening and being there to share what I call The 4 Pillars of Embodiment was LUSH! I mean, when you’ve got 15 minutes to really create impact, you’ve got to share something that’s tangible and going to be used at home pronto. The feedback afterwards was so affirming - there was something for every woman at every stage of life.

Lauren was recommended to me from a mutual friend to speak at Big Boobie Bash. After engaging Lauren, I knew she had the wisdom I wanted to share with the attendees. Lauren spoke and interacted with the audience and addressed the topic of connecting with your inner self. Lauren’s ability to connect with a wide range of women benefits anyone who is there to witness.
— Georgia Lashman


I have been honoured to speak at multiple events for The Birth Centre and Go Mum Group Fitness to help mamas open up about their feelings of “not being sexual” or interested in sex in their postpartum recovery. These talks helped women to feel less judgmental about their journeys so that they could start to open up to new ways of intimacy when they feel time and energy are in low supply.

Lauren White Christine Percy.jpg
I am fortunate enough to have engaged Lauren to present at two women’s health workshops and have also heard her speak at the 2018 Women’s Health and Fitness Summit in Melbourne. Her incredible knowledge of sex, relationships and women’s health, combined with her genuine warmth and polished presentation skills always have her audience singing her praises. She won’t disappoint for your next conference, workshop or event.
— Christine Percy



The powerhouse that is Paula Forster (aka Yummy Mummy Physio) has had me speak to her group of mama’s in a totally casual setting to help them learn that they can be a mama AND sexual. We speak about making time for sex, what hormones are actually doing for the first 18 months or so and when breastfeeding, my own personal story of mamahood and libido and brainstorm a few ways to lighten problem situations and common concerns.

Each round of our Yummy Mummy challenge, I ask Lauren along as a guest speaker to share her pearls of wisdom to our mums. So many women are interested in their sexuality and want to be empowered but don’t know that Lauren and her services exist. I believe women need to see this exploration as self-care because a mum’s emotional health and intimacy is so important. I wouldn’t hesitate in hiring Lauren - I call her a libido whisperer.
— Paula Forster

Below is a gallery of my workshops + Speaking engagements that I have undertaken since 2012.

(Yup, I’ve been doing this A LONG TIME!)