TESTIMONIALS, kind words + client love letters


What can I say? I crack this smile even in sessions because I love my “work” in this world - it’s a joy to serve women who come into the introductory session blocked, confused, anxious and shutdown and to see them walk out of their final session a whole lot more confident and radiant.

And I honestly LOVE when they feel what I have felt as a woman going through the process of discovering her sexuality. Yes…I get a little chuffed when they use terms like:

Life changing…



Best money I have ever spent on my personal development…

Because that’s what I have spent the last 6 years honing and polishing.

Now, I would stand and spruik how much I stand behind my finely curated offering all day if need be but I think it’s better that you hear the words from the clients mouths instead.

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Like I’m sure many women, I was hesitant to visit a Sexologist – I was so private about what seemed to be to be an abnormal struggle that I shouldn’t tell anyone for fear of being outed as ‘strange’. Within ten minutes of my first session with Lauren these fears melted away to be replaced by real and genuine hope and comfort inspired by Lauren’s incredible warmth, honestly, vibrancy and energy which somehow makes you feel heard, justified and looked after all at once! Her knowledge of sexuality, the female body and relationships is outstanding, and she can explain to you in depth what and why you are feeling the way you are when even you are unsure. 

She offers genuinely helpful tasks and advice to aid you through your sexuality journey, and understands how your changes will affect your partner, if one is present in your life. Whilst I expected to become more ‘secure’ in my sexual relationships over the four sessions I had, I become something much more intrinsically valuable and sustainable: confident in what I want and what I deserve.



I felt extremely nervous before my first session. My husband and I had never managed to have sex. I'd never revealed this to anyone, how was I going to open up to a stranger?

My nerves quickly dissipated. Lauren has this aura about her that's welcoming and makes you feel at ease. She is so easy to talk to. You feel like you're talking to a best friend (but better, because she can give you legit advice!). I'd look forward to sessions, that sacred time where I could put aside everything else and focus on me. She is non-judgemental, patient, supportive. I could reach out at any time between sessions, no question was too intimate.

There was no game-plan, no set structure. Yet somehow Lauren managed to guide me exactly where I needed to be. Now I feel empowered. We have sex not only because we can, but because we want to.

Seeing Lauren changed my life, I can never thank her enough.

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Before seeing Lauren I didn't feel very connected to my self and saw my body and my head working in opposition. I had a lot of expectations on myself both in and out of the bedroom which was affecting my confidence, my sex drive and my relationship. Lauren was amazing, she was so calming and reassuring that I was totally normal. The sessions were really reflective and covered a wide range of aspects of my life. She helped to manage expectations and gave me skills/ tips for overcoming my concerns. I feel like my body and mind are now more connected than ever. I am feel like myself again and more confident. 

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I just wanted to thank you for my sessions over the past year. Honestly it’s been the best money I have spent on therapy for myself. You became such an important person in my personal journey to exploring my sexuality and my blocks. You understood very quickly each session where I was at and always gave something for me to take away and work on. You’ve helped me change my life.  I’m living proof of how quickly when you are prepared to do the work and have a great mentor and role model, you can achieve such  major results with issues around confidence, ability to orgasm and understanding my body and mind. Thank you for showing me the light.

And for feeling the pleasure in my body I always knew existed but couldn’t tap into.

I’m still learning to switch my brain off and feel more but you’ve given me many tools.



I discovered Lauren via the power of Google. Totally lost and grieving for a marriage and husband that had long since been lost to me, Lauren gave me the ability to cope with a world that had been completely upended. I was out of my depth, drowning in a black hole. It wasn't only about working my way through a 14 year union ending, it was about dealing with long standing issues that played a part in the breakdown, and finding an identity for me again and seeking out the joy that life can offer. It's a new year and life suddenly seems abundant with opportunities not previously in sight. I could not have found my way back if Lauren hadn't helped to guide me. She was understanding, so empathetic and so adept at framing things in a perspective that I hadn't previously considered, but that turned out to be 100% spot on. I am forever grateful to you, Lauren, for your support and continued communication. The first and best choice I made in stepping into a new world was asking for your help.



I'm so glad I decided to take the plunge and work with Lauren. I've struggled with painful sex (and a lot of fear and avoidance) for years, and was starting to doubt that anyone would ever be able to help me. Right from the first session, Lauren made me feel welcome, understood, normal (!) and optimistic about my sexual future. Over the months we worked together, she offered me practical information about my body and its needs and responses, seemingly simple information that I'd just never heard before, which helped my body start to unlock and open. She also helped me understand the importance of owning my sovereignty and being the permission-granter in my own life. Equipped with a new understanding of my libido (and the confidence that it actually exists!), I've been able to make strides toward a sex life that has never felt attainable to me. I may never be a sex goddess, but the door is now open to empowerment, pleasure and greater intimacy with my husband. Lauren is everything you could want in a coach -- warm, compassionate, non-judgmental, and 100% in your corner. If you're on the fence about seeking help, I can totally vouch for her. She'll fight for you, and teach you how to fight for yourself!

Now we have sex because I want to do it rather than ticking a box for him. This part of life isn’t a checklist. I’ve re-ignited the free spirit that I was before children, chilling out, laughing more.
You can never feel sexual when you feel disgusted by yourself. When I am chilled out I feel more sexual because I like that version of myself more. I am more receptive, loving. When I have the next baby I need to remember that I am still sexual. I’ve learnt the process of how I came into a negative space and how I can come back. I don’t have to be afraid of my sexuality. This has been a success!
— Kelly
Lauren meets you with an incredible warmth, huge knowledge, an open mind and holistic point of view. She makes the most embarrassing themes seem normal and provides you with practical, down-to-earth exercises & suggestions and encourages self-empowerment.
— Maria
I just wanted to let you know that after every session I feel so much better. It’s almost like a regular cleanse or detox. Most importantly you give me reason, or maybe clarity, to hope that brighter and happier times are on their way and although it might not play out that way it’s the idea of hope that helps to give me reason or strength to keep moving and greeting each day. I would definitely have been worse off and unable to dig my way out of this if I hadn’t found you through Google power.
— Lara
I have been empowered and given have been empowered and given so much confidence. I feel like I’m a completely different person to the girl who started out just under 3 months ago. Every fear I had, has now vanished. I am far more confident in myself, in my body and in my relationship. Lauren’s magic is incredible.
— Annie
I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders! I didn’t realise that I had so much emotion bottled up inside which has been causing a blockage in my relationship and sexuality. I am starting to feel a lot happier and more relaxed and have already noticed a positive change in my relationship. I am excited to take your advice home with me!
— Meg
Engaging in sessions with Lauren has helped me to work through issues around my sex life including exploring the impact of events that occurred many moons ago. Lauren is warm, approachable and grounded. She is professional and worth the investment in yourself!
— Georgia
I gained so much from my sessions with Lauren. I started these sessions a little apprehensive and nervous to discuss such intimate details with someone. But I’ve learned so much and feel so much more confident in myself and my journey. Lauren’s a wonderful listener. With great wisdom and great resources to share. Thank you!
— Elaine
Over the last 8 months, I saw Lauren for 5 sessions and am amazed at how much things have changed for me by taking on the new ideas, perspectives and information that was presented and discussed with me. Lauren has formulated a unique program that is of huge benefit to women. I felt very comfortable in the sessions, as Lauren has a wonderful way of relating and of making the subject matter all seem very normal! I realised there was so much I really didn’t know, and I feel now I can move forward into new relationships with much more knowing and understanding about who I am and what I need. I would highly recommend Lauren to any woman who would like to have more depth and understanding of their sensuality and sexuality.
— Wendy
During my four sessions and emails with Lauren I felt I could communicate honestly and openly. Lauren was so warm, generous and considerate. She gave me much needed knowledge and permission to start to listen to my body, be comfortable with myself and get out of my head! At the start of the sessions I was deeply frustrated and at a loss with how to overcome the barriers I was experiencing with myself and my partner. Throughout the sessions Lauren has helped alleviate my concerns and set me on a path to restore my self-confidence and sexuality.
— Sarah