Hello high-achieving woman,

I see you.

I see you conquering your career. Your day is crammed full. You can’t stand idle time with no purpose. You’re all about kicking goals & delivering results. 

You’re very comfortable with the output you can deliver at work. Achievement makes you feel more confident.

But these high standards of yours are relentless. You’re always questioning whether you can do better.

That perfectionism pushes you to work harder, work more… go, go, go. 

Constantly checking that everything is perfect has become a part of who you are. But it’s also starting to feel like it’s suffocating you.

When you’re chipping away at your to-do list & spending all day pushing things along, it’s no wonder you’re having trouble getting out of that mode in the bedroom.

Perhaps you’re starting to realise that applying the mindset of: when this happens perfectly, then I’ll get XYZ outcome... might work in the office but it just doesn’t work in sex. 

You see yourself moving through your goals, shredding old problems and climbing up in life... but you now see that your libido hasn’t climbed up all that way with you.

I know this because I talk to women like you all the time.

The women that I see tell me that they’re dominating their work life, and then when they get into the bedroom, they struggle to let go.

They tell me that their need to control minute details and intense fear of making mistakes has left them paralysed…unable to be vulnerable or intimate. 

Work is a mirror for what’s happening in intimacy...

They feel like they’re missing out on this great experience with their partner that has the potential to make them relaxed but instead they feel more anxious.

They’re so used to having all the answers. But when their partner asks...

  • “What do you want?”

  • “What can I do for you?”

  • “What will help you?”

They don’t know the answer. 

And, just like them, not knowing the answer is stressing you out because you hate disappointing people - especially your partner. You don’t want them to feel rejected.

That’s why I do this work. For you. And your libido.

Because it’s 100% possible for you to be a high achiever, love your work & leave space for your libido. 

You can have both. You don’t need to choose.


A monthly coaching journey to unlock your libido

I’ve created this coaching experience for women just like you, who are ready to stop giving their head all the control all the time & yearn to connect into their body & trust their gut. 

Because you are worthy of reducing the stress & making space for quality expressions of intimacy. You just need the right support.

I’m your libido’s secret weapon. Your ally. A soft, yet strong advocate for your instincts, boundaries, joy, pleasure & self-love.

Regular coaching & mentorship sessions with me will completely change your life. I can make that promise because I’ve seen it over and over as I witness incredible women open to receiving pleasure & intimacy.

My signature system helps high-achieving women to become the heroine in and out of the bedroom, changing themselves and their world along the way. 

No more anxiety. No more stalling. 

You come home to yourself – that calm, receptive and confident person who can put her shoulders back, speak up, and feel assured that she is still living a rich, purposeful life…even if she’s not in doing-mode every single minute of the day.

“I feel like my body and mind are now more connected than ever”

Before seeing Lauren I didn’t feel very connected to myself and saw my body and my head working in opposition. I had a lot of expectations on myself both in and out of the bedroom which was affecting my confidence, my sex drive and my relationship. Lauren was amazing, she was so calming and reassuring that I was totally normal. The sessions were really reflective and covered a wide range of aspects of my life. She helped to manage expectations and gave me skills and tips for overcoming my concerns. I feel like my body and mind are now more connected than ever. I am feel like myself again and more confident.
— Alice



  • Place boundaries around your high achiever to leave space for your libido

  • Keep the balance of high achievement with pleasure

  • Moderate your stress for more magnetic output

  • Reduce the people pleasing & martyr mode that grinds your libido to a halt

  • Awaken sensations in your body & life that you might not have noticed before

  • Have choices when anxiety & stress arises so that you can bring it down for yourself, by yourself

  • Feel more engaged in your sex life after resolved trauma

  • Move beyond sexual pain, discomfort and/or an inability to have penetrative sex 

  • Stop avoiding sex altogether and gently introduce or re-introduce it

“I am able to relax about sex”

I would also love to tell you that I am able to relax about sex so much more now which really has helped with the pain I used to dread. Plus I feel a bit more confident about myself now and actually being in charge of myself... so THANK YOU! Words cannot actually express my gratitude! I’m not sure if I have any more sessions, because in all honesty I lost count.... because I didn’t really see them as ‘appointments’ more just a chat I looked forward too.
— Hannah

"Now we have sex because I want to do it rather than ticking a box for him”

Now we have sex because I want to do it rather than ticking a box for him. This part of life isn’t a checklist. I’ve re-ignited the free spirit that I was before children, chilling out, laughing more.
You can never feel sexual when you feel disgusted by yourself. I’ve learnt the process of how I came into a negative space and how I can come back. I don’t have to be afraid of my sexuality. This has been a success!
— Kelly


PHASE 1: Getting to know each other

Request a free private discussion & we’ll fully assess your concerns and what you want to achieve from your process. We will discuss all the various parts of you as a person because your sex life doesn’t happen in isolation to the rest of your life.

PHASE 2: Body awareness and intention setting

You probably spend most of your life in your head where it is busy and constantly trying to achieve. In the second phase of your process, we’ll start to get you more tuned into your body - not just for sex, but for setting boundaries (because sometimes you over-give and over-deliver, leaving you burnt out), knowing how you really feel about something in the moment and giving your body the green light to express rather than suppress.

PHASE 3: Demystifying sex and your body

We’ll bust the myths about what you “should” be doing in the bedroom and start to tap into what you really want and how you can follow through with your desires in a way that is real and natural to you. It is in this phase that you will start to give yourself permission to ask yourself what you want, not what’s best for everyone else.

PHASE 4: Your sexual activation

We’ll start talking about how you can gently and tenderly put everything you have learned into practice. This is a no-pressure environment. We’ll only start with this phase when you’re ready and open to it. Your safety and comfort is the top priority so we will wade into the waters, not drop you into the deep end.

“Lauren managed to guide me exactly where I needed to be”

I felt extremely nervous before my first session. My husband and I had never managed to have sex. I’d never revealed this to anyone, how was I going to open up to a stranger? My nerves quickly dissipated. Lauren has this aura about her that’s welcoming and makes you feel at ease. She is so easy to talk to. You feel like you’re talking to a best friend (but better, because she can give you legit advice!).

I’d look forward to sessions, that sacred time where I could put aside everything else and focus on me. She is non-judgemental, patient, supportive. I could reach out at any time between sessions, no question was too intimate. There was no game-plan, no set structure. Yet somehow Lauren managed to guide me exactly where I needed to be. Now I feel empowered. We have sex not only because we can, but because we want to.

Seeing Lauren changed my life, I can never thank her enough.
— Natalie



This is the type of woman that gets the most out of this process:

  • She is somewhat introverted. She is selective about who she spends time with and how. She’s happy to socialise but essentially needs to retreat inward and re-energise herself. 

  • She thinks that almost everyone has a good sex life, and she’s the only one who doesn’t. She feels alone, like this is a secret she’s keeping.

  • She’s tired of feeling like she’s standing by as other people experience this aspect of life that she struggles with. 

  • She is used to thriving on stress. She spends her day striving for achievement. Spontaneity, play and uncertainty freaks her out because it’s ambiguous and not tied to a clear objective. 

  • She has felt burnout and maybe has a sense that she’s getting close to it again. 

  • She is sick of waiting for a perfect moment of readiness. The discomfort of staying as she is feels unbearable, so she’s finally willing to embrace the imperfectness of personal learning.

  • Most importantly, she is doing this more for her than for her relationship. Improving this part of the relationship is important to her, but she’s also wanting to improve herself.

Does she sound like you? If yes, then Open to Receiving may change your life in ways you can’t even imagine right now.


  • Feels pressured by her partner to attend (and she doesn’t want to)

  • Sees this as the ‘last hope’ for her relationship and they haven’t had couples counselling

  • Is expecting instant, overnight results. Connecting to our sexuality takes time and women need a sweet blend of effort and practice to be aligned with it

  • Would rather make themselves feel better by spending money on stuff. This process is about creating real change, not just band-aid solutions.

  • Needs to specifically process a history of sexual and personal trauma: this is best done with a clinical psychologist

  • Is experiencing an active eating disorder (being malnourished will block any changes within your libido); a psychiatric disorder that has relapsed and is currently unmanaged or are misusing drugs and alcohol in a way that is presently impacting your self-care, health and judgment.


with a 3 month minimum commitment


Includes lifetime access to my flagship course Bedroom Basics (valued at $747) and a welcome gift of my highly praised book Permission: Personal liberation for switched on women (valued at $25).


“I've been able to make strides toward a sex life that has never felt attainable to me”

I’ve struggled with painful sex (and a lot of fear and avoidance) for years, and was starting to doubt that anyone would ever be able to help me. Right from the first session, Lauren made me feel welcome, understood, normal(!) and optimistic about my sexual future.

Over the months we worked together, she offered me practical information about my body and its needs and responses, seemingly simple information that I’d just never heard before, which helped my body start to unlock and open.

Equipped with a new understanding of my libido (and the confidence that it actually exists!), I’ve been able to make strides toward a sex life that has never felt attainable to me. I may never be a sex goddess, but the door is now open to empowerment, pleasure and greater intimacy with my husband.
— Bebe


But I’m scared. What if this doesn’t work?



Countless women have sat down in the first session and asked me the same thing: “What if this doesn’t work?”


Fast-forward 75 minutes and the relief they feel is palpable. 


The word they use to describe how they feel is: lighter.


Fast forward to the end of their process and the words they use are: life changing.


How long have you been experiencing this lack of libido inside your relationship?


And have you seen that happen in other relationships too? If you’re anything like most of my clients, then the answer is yes.


That means you’ve been experiencing this for years and haven’t found a solution yet.


Part of that is because you may have been looking for a band-aid solution, but the real cure is much deeper. And, if I’m really honest with you, it can take years (decades, even) to figure it all out on your own. 


But you’re used to making things happen - the career, the mortgage, the relationship - and I think you know deep down that you’re not okay with just waiting for the solution to appear.


What would it be worth to you to contribute sexually to your relationship… and do it within the next 12 weeks or so?


What would it be worth to you to stop seeking so much external approval?


What would it be worth to you to trust your body?


When you sign up for Open to Receiving, you are saving yourself from all of this and rediscovering your untapped libido. 


You could spend $997 a month on a lot of things – a weekend away, a new iPhone, an outfit…but all that is only a temporary distraction from what you are really here for.


Ask yourself whether you’re OK with waiting for your libido to awaken at its leisure.

Or if you’d rather invest some time, energy and money in getting the outcome you want more efficiently and effectively?

You are always in control. You get to decide because no one can force you to do something you don’t want to do.

It’s important that you always feel safe, especially when talking about (and having) sex.


“It’s the best money I’ve spent on myself”

Honestly it’s been the best money I have spent on therapy for myself. You became such an important person in my personal journey to exploring my sexuality and my blocks. You understood very quickly each session where I was at and always gave something for me to take away and work on. You’ve helped me change my life.

I’m living proof of how quickly, when you are prepared to do the work and have a great mentor and role model, you can achieve such major results with issues around confidence, ability to orgasm and understanding my body and mind.

Thank you for showing me the light and not making me feel like a freak! And for feeling the pleasure in my body I always knew existed but couldn’t tap into. I’m still learning to switch my brain off and feel more but you’ve given me many tools to work with. I wish you every success with your work.
— Jeanie

“A rewarding and expansive experience”

Taking the brave step to find a sex coach has been such a rewarding and expansive experience in my personal evolution. Before I went I wasn’t even sure if I had much to deal with, but I trusted my gut and made my first appointment. Lauren made me feel so comfortable and supported that the stories flowed and the pain points emerged effortlessly and in the mere outing of them was the transformation and relief I had been needing.

Lauren guides you gently and intuitively into self discovery with her wealth of knowledge and passion in the area of sex and womanhood. We all have pain to heal when it comes to our sexuality, I recommend Lauren to every woman out there.
— Nicole


with a minimum 3 month commitment


Includes lifetime access to my flagship course Bedroom Basics (valued at $747) and a welcome gift of my highly praised book Permission: Personal liberation for switched on women (valued at $25).

Yes, I’m ready.



+ How/where will we meet?

I am available for in-person sessions with women in Brisbane and Zoom (online) for women that reside outside of Brisbane. I work on Thursdays, Fridays and alternate Saturdays.

+ Why do I have to commit to 3 months?

3 months is the minimum timeframe I work with clients as it ensures you walk away with your intentions met. At the end of the 3 month period, should you need more support, you have full control in choosing what you want and need. There are no lock in contracts, you can just go month by month.

+ What session times do you have available?

The following times are in Brisbane (AEST) timezone.

Thursday - 10am to 6pm

Fridays - 9am to 5pm

Alternate Saturday mornings - 9am to 12pm

Please note I currently see approximately 12 clients per intake to maintain an exceptional level of personalised care, presence and attention.

+ How soon can we start?

The initial session of 75 minutes can usually be secured within a week of us having a private discussion together.

+ How quickly will I see results?

My clients begin to see outcomes and progress towards their intentions for their process after the second session but every woman reports they feel relieved and lighter after our first session in the process.

+ How far apart are sessions spaced?

We have 3 months together to meet your intentions. We hold sessions closer together (i.e. every 1-2 weeks) initially and then begin to space them out to 2-3 weeks apart depending on both of our schedules and your needs from the process.

+ I'm FIFO/go on deployment, how will this work?

I've worked with a number of FIFO/ADF members and I'd be honoured to serve you. I know it isn't easy shutting down your sexual self for weeks or months at a time and then trying to open it all back up again quickly for when you are home again. I'll share practical approaches with you that work when away, preparing to return and when you are home again.

+ Do you see women in same sex relationships?

Most certainly. I enjoy working with women who have a variety of relationship dynamics and configurations. Afterall, the process I offer is all about you. Your partner, regardless of gender will come up as a part of the conversation but the focus will remain on how you can show up and what you need to ask for and say in intimacy and beyond.

+ Do I need to be in a relationship to attend sessions?

Definitely not. About a third of my clients are women who have come to sessions at the end of a significant relationship or when contemplating dating. It's all about clearing out the old and creating a really solid foundation for putting your heart out there.

+ Can I bring my child/ren or partner to my process?

No. A big part of the reason women come to see me is that they are having trouble feeling present and getting into sex. In Open to Receiving, you need space to speak candidly and learn new skills for yourself and attending without distractions (whether in person or via Zoom) is a priority.

+ What is Bedroom Basics?

Bedroom Basics is my online 4 week program that I run live 4 times per year covering intention setting, down-regulating, mindset, initiating, touch and receiving oral pleasure. You will gain access to do it as a self-study course at the end of the 3 months and have the opportunity to join the live calls when they are happening each round. Lifetime access means you can still invest effort into your libido even when our private process is finished. PLUS, the course is being updated every year so you'll always be getting the premium version of it.

+ Do you have Medicare or private health rebates?

No. My clients and I value the privacy and confidentiality of this private process and I'm certain you will too.

+ Is there a guarantee?

You are your only guarantee. I’ll come to the table with my years of expertise and give you everything I know about female sexuality and relating to our partners with confidence. But you also need to come to the party and take ACTION. You can guarantee your own results by doing the work and making it happen based on all the advice I share with you.