Your sex life is non-existent or rare. You don’t understand what all the fuss is about, why your partner wants sex so much and you get frustrated and pull away. Sex isn’t fun for you and you two are living in sexual boredom. You know what to expect every time and for some reason when sex is initiated, you just don’t want to. You question how their libido can be the same as when you first got together and yours feels like it is missing completely.

You have noticed that you and your partner aren’t connecting on other levels as well as sex. Your intimate communication may be minimal and you have realised that affectionate touch (without the expectation of sex) isn’t happening as much as you want it to. Without that warmth and acknowledgment, there is no way sex is going to happen. Your partner wants you to initiate but you just feel blocked. It doesn’t even enter your mind.

It doesn't help that you have a lot on your plate and you commit to a lot. It’s easier to stay busy than to deal with relationship problems and a dissatisfying sex life.

If you have kids as well, you may worry about having the privacy to have sex and being sexual just doesn’t feel compatible with being a mama and your other identities.


More volume and less anxiety are yours for the taking!

Let’s face it. We’ve all had a situation where we have felt a very powerful, negative emotion... and we’ve not spoken up. We kept quiet and allowed something pretty overwhelming to fester. Your feelings then got swept under the rug and never actually got addressed or cleared. Let's change that.

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i know you want a brand new sex life.

Hi! I'm Lauren - Qualified Sexologist and confidante to women that want to crack open, dissolve their limiting blocks, say YES because they mean it and leave behind the mentality of I'm just not a sexual person. Sound good? Together, we can get you from:

Having sex in the dark to sex with the lights on.

Feeling like you have no libido to humming along beautifully EVERY day.

Thinking about your to-do list to actually being in the moment of sex.

Being completely disconnected from your body's pleasure to being empowered and lit up!

Feeling pressured, going quiet and not speaking up to asking for what you want right then and there.

Having a sex life where something is done to you to being an active (and joyous) participant.

We're talking all the stuff that women need to actually enjoy their sex lives. And we all know, that when women are happy, acknowledged and heard, everyone in her world benefits. She is magnetic because she OWNS it. 

You are ready and so very worthy. 




|| SEPT - NOV 2017 ||

It's time to have a real conversation about sex and life.

More specifically, a conversation that lasts for 3 months in the safety of like-minded women.

Amplified is the group program curated to help you cultivate a new mindset, feelings, language and voice.

Applications are now open for 4 women to work intimately with me.

Amplified was life changing for me. Lauren and the women I shared this journey with were nurturing, compassionate and empathic. I walked up those stairs that first night with no idea the impact this group would have not just on my sexuality and femininity but my every day life and relationships. I discovered ways to increase pleasure in all areas. I cannot tell you how happy I am that I said YES.
— ~ Holly