I'm Lauren White and there are heaps of reasons why I am the right woman for the job of helping you to reclaim your mojo and libido for sex and life. But before I do that, these are my qualifications that back up my natural skills to help you have the best conversation you have never had...


Postgraduate Diploma in Sexology - Awarded Highest Academic Achievement
Certificate of Sexological Bodywork
Graduate Diploma of Counselling
Bachelor of Nursing with Credit

the quickstart guide to me:

Sexologist / Mama / Libran / Enneagram Type 2 - The Helper / Conversationalist / Confidante / Maestra / Dancer / Writer

Champagne Aficionado, Lebanese Food Expert and Iceland Lover.

My Core Desired Feelings :: Elevation (goosebumps) & Exhilaration.

the long version

Have you ever met one of those people that are so passionate about what they are doing that they get very excitable when their speciality topic arises? Well, that’s me! I was a nurse for a LONG time; helping people in the very stigmatised areas of mental health and drug dependency. I began to search for the next big thing when I stumbled across the Sexology degree through Curtin University and knew it was a resounding YES. I worked my ass off and loved every moment of being a studious sex geek...so much so that I got an award for Highest Academic Achievement. I was in love.

I started my offering as Sexosophy in 2012 to provide a safe space for women to shed the beliefs, mindsets and lack of confidence that were holding them back from the sex life that they were truly worthy of. A lot has changed since the creation of Sexosophy (including a name change to Lauren White in May 2017) because I've changed. But that original intention still underpins everything that I offer.

I've done lots of speaking, workshops and seminars : just have a look at the workshop gallery. I am proud to say that 2017 and beyond is making these offerings a lot more polished and aligned with who I am and my core message. The Amplified Group Program received great feedback and the Conversations group sessions have been a hit that I will repeat again. I am currently writing THE book that needs to be written for women so in order to do that, I will re-launch workshops in 2018. For now, if you want to learn from me in a program format, have a look at Bedroom Basics - a 4 module e-course with immediate access.

I love practicing and sharing pearls around what makes female sexuality so sacred, giving, luscious and ecstatic (and sometimes weird and contradictory!). I am a helper at heart and am a pioneer in the budding field of Sexology – it is why I am here on Earth and I intend to keep pursuing wisdom from all corners of what's out there so that it will make a difference to your real world sex life.

Women choose me because they feel safe and see very quickly that I get it. They love the follow and lead process I offer in rich sessions that make room for expression and integration. They learn about the connection between their minds and their bodies so that they can be more present during sex rather than looking outside for something magical to do it for them. But enough from me, here's what my client's have to say...


Over the last 8 months, I saw Lauren for 5 sessions and am amazed at how much things have changed for me by taking on the new ideas, perspectives and information that was presented and discussed with me. Lauren has formulated a unique program that is of huge benefit to women. I felt very comfortable in the sessions, as Lauren has a wonderful way of relating and of making the subject matter all seem very normal! I realised there was so much I really didn’t know, and I feel now I can move forward into new relationships with much more knowing and understanding about who I am and what I need. I would highly recommend Lauren and Sexosophy to any woman who would like to have more depth and understanding of their sensuality and sexuality. — Wendy, Brisbane
“When you first meet Lauren you can’t help but feel comfortable. She is so warm, open, loving, compassionate you just want to spill the beans to her. She has a calming presence that makes you feel like you are one of her best friends. She is an amazing listener and knows how to make you laugh. I love how in touch she is with her femininity, her sexuality, her learning and her spirituality and is so open with sharing this with everyone. — Nicole Barralet, Brisbane, Photographer
“Lauren is understanding, open and energetic. She goes above and beyond with her skills and knowledge to gently guide you through your journey to unleashing your inner goddess. Her services are provided in a safe and private location where you can just be you. I’d recommend the tantric sessions as you can really purge all that built up emotional energy and feel light, sexy and empowered. Thank you Lauren, I will be back to continue along my sexual empowerment journey soon. — Mindy, Brisbane
“I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders! I didn’t realise that I had so much emotion bottled up inside which has been causing a blockage in my relationship and sexuality. I am starting to feel a lot happier and more relaxed and have already noticed a positive change in my relationship. I am excited to take your advice home with me! — Gemma, Brisbane
“Lauren is such a caring, open, understanding, knowledgeable and authentic coach. I felt completely comfortable working with her throughout my personal tantric bodywork program. I had a total of 5 sessions, some talk-based, some body-based, and by the end of the 5th session, felt that I had learned so much, really developed my sexual and sensual awareness, and actually worked through some very profound transformative experiences related to emotional and physical aspects of my sexual history. The process allowed me to reconnect with my sexuality in a very positive healing way. I would thoroughly recommend tantric bodywork to anyone who is considering that it may enhance their current life journey. — Kim, Brisbane
“Thank you for your presence, your spirit, your energy and your loving attention...you are a gift to the world. I am so pleased our paths crossed. — Dani, Brisbane
“Thank you Lauren! The advice and knowledge from sex coaching sessions have enabled me to reconnect my mind and body. I have been able to rekindle the passion I used to have and want with my husband. — Tammy, Adelaide
“I gained so much from my sessions with Lauren. I started these sessions a little apprehensive and nervous to discuss such intimate details with someone. But I’ve learned so much and feel so much more confident in myself and my journey. Lauren’s a wonderful listener with great wisdom and great resources to share. Thank you! — Mel, Brisbane
“I have been empowered and given so much confidence. I feel like I’m a completely different person to the girl who started out just under 3 months ago. Every fear I had, has now vanished. I am far more confident in myself, in my body and in my relationship. Lauren’s magic is incredible.  — Annie, Brisbane
“During my four sessions and emails with Lauren I felt I could communicate honestly and openly. Lauren was so warm, generous and considerate. She gave me much needed knowledge and permission to start to listen to my body, be comfortable with myself and get out of my head! At the start of the sessions I was deeply frustrated and at a loss with how to overcome the barriers I was experiencing with myself and my partner. Throughout the sessions Lauren has helped alleviate my concerns and set me on a path to restore my self-confidence and sexuality— Sarah, Brisbane
“I feel honoured that I was able to complete this work and that I now feel more connected to myself because of it, I was able to really dig deep into what self-love looked like to me and create a home for that within myself. By the end of the series I felt complete unconditional love for myself no matter what I looked like or what I do, this unconditional self-love had me in tears and overfilling with joy, acceptance and above all else love for myself. Nearly 4 months from when I started the work I still carry these feelings with me each and every day and apply all the lessons to any sexual experience I enter into. — Danielle, Brisbane
"Taking the brave step to find a sex coach has been such a rewarding and expansive experience in my personal evolution. Before I went I wasn’t even sure if I had much to deal with, but I trusted my gut and made my first appointment. Lauren made me feel so comfortable and supported that the stories flowed and the pain points emerged effortlessly and in the mere outing of them was the transformation and relief I had been needing. Lauren guides you gently and intuitively into self discovery with her wealth of knowledge and passion in the area of sex and womanhood. We all have pain to heal when it comes to our sexuality, I recommend Lauren to every woman out there. - Nicole, Brisbane

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