It is common for women to have a history of one or multiple negative, unwanted or abusive sexual experiences as a child, adolescent or adult. This can cause confusion and frustration about our sexual feelings and functioning as an adult, particularly when we have not had the opportunity to heal or have not yet gone through a therapeutic process. When these personal boundaries are crossed, it leaves us open to misunderstanding what it is we want and need from sex and what we feel we are sexually ‘worth’.

Flashbacks to the abuse, lack of interest in sex, feelings of fear about sex and sexual numbness can stop sexual pleasure in its tracks and leave women feeling disconnected from their bodies and their partner. Sexosophy sex coaching can assist you to manage some of what is happening for you now, whether you are in a relationship or not.

As Lauren is a counsellor and sexuality coach, it is important to note that if you are looking specifically for therapy that will assist you to heal from the past and re-visit your own personal abusive or unwanted sexual experiences then a referral to an experienced clinical psychologist or psychotherapist will be recommended in the initial phone call. 

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