Conversations is a 3 part series that gives women time in July, August and September to learn, talk, ask and share wisdom around hot topics in female sexuality. Think everything you have ever wanted to know about your body, sexual skills, communication, touch and getting out of your head and into your arousal. We will talk love, libido and life and they ways that these flow into your sex life (or don't).

Conversations is an all-inclusive series for women. I have created the sessions so that the content is relevant for women in all stages and phases of life: mamas, women in long-term relationships, women that are dating, women under 30…we all have more in common than we do differences and Conversations acknowledges that.

Come to one session or come to all 3 (for a special price!!). Keep reading for all the details below.

Attendance strongly encourages participation to make the sessions fresh, lively and relevant so bring your questions and a little bit of courage.

                       A snapshot from the Hot Mamas Seminar in 2016 at Silo Paddington.

                       A snapshot from the Hot Mamas Seminar in 2016 at Silo Paddington.

Here’s how it will go:

Each session starts with me speaking openly about the theme of the evening: a what, why, where, when, how of sorts. Think a blend of what the sex studies say and what I know conquers the sexual concerns of women from my vast experience teaching groups and coaching women in 1.1 sessions. I will then open up the floor for questions and use participant’s responses to share more information by calling on my field experience and sex geekery. Let's shed a light and speak directly to your concerns.

Session 1: Reclaim your libido // 31st july

Your body is primed for being sexual but you struggle to connect with your libido. There are times where you couldn’t be further from being interested in sex when it is propositioned or perhaps you are dating but avoiding sex – it’s all too hard and you just aren't feeling it. If you are in a relationship, your partner wants you to initiate but you just feel blocked. It doesn’t even enter your mind. In this session, we will start by looking at:

+why women don’t have the time, energy, zeal, interest, or desire for sex

+where your libido is hiding and how you can stop it from being outsourced

+what you can do about changing your libido landscape so that it is rich and saucy and how to hold on to it tight (because you will want to after this conversation).


Session 1 // 31st July 7-9pm

Tickets available through EVENTRBITE HERE

Early Bird 1st July to 23rd July $35 +bf

Full Price 24th July to 31st July $40 + bf

Sexy Mantras will be on sale on the night for $20 (save $4 + P&H - cash only).

Coming to Conversations was the best decision I have made in my journey of self-discovery/empowerment/improvement. I have learnt some very valuable life lessons and skills that I hope to use and pass on to others who have felt the way I have and a rich, empowered, educated sex life is what I look forward to experiencing and it’s all thanks to you! Thank you for your gift of openness, warmth, intelligence and knowledge to myself and the group.
— Evie

Session 2: Get in TOUCH // 28th august

Touch seems simple and natural from the outside but it has the potential to create a lot of frustration between two people. When one partner approaches the other the way that they want to be touched, their honourable intentions can backfire because it just doesn’t work for the person receiving. In this session, we will cover:

+how to give touch with affection and ask to receive affectionate touch

+how couples can meet each other in the middle of where their touch needs lie

+how to set an intention around touch and why this will inform you what style of touch you should use

+how to bring variety into your sexual touch with a focus on the pussy and the cock


Session 2 // 28th August 7-9pm

Tickets available from 25th July

Sexy Mantras will be on sale on the night for $20 (save $4 + P&H - cash only).

I initially booked the first class quite reluctantly and after attending, I felt inspired and wanted to learn more. I felt comfortable with the other women and knowing that I wasn’t alone in wanting to re-connect with my husband. Lauren made me feel confident and gave me hope that things could improve. I enjoyed all 3 Conversations classes and would happily recommend them to anyone requiring help. Wouldn’t hesitate to come to more. Thank you!
— Jacqui
          The joy of feeling confident at Conversations: Confidence

          The joy of feeling confident at Conversations: Confidence

Session 3: Crack out the CONFIDENCE // 25th september

Gaining confidence about sexuality and in sex is an intention that so many women set when they come to see me for coaching. And it’s no wonder we don’t feel confident when we have been exposed to millions of conflicting and limiting messages over the course of our lives. Not to mention, inaccurate information about our bodies and our true nature as sexual women (yes, you are sexual. I promise). Confidence is all about feeling assured and empowered. In this session, we will have conversations about:

+moving out of anxiety and apprehension around sex to find the approaches where you will feel safest and most comfortable

+finding that sweet spot of doing something new in your sex life but not feeling completely out of your depth

+the unique qualities of a truly confident woman and how you can integrate these into your own life

+the 4 pillars that work together to create confidence in sex so that you get out of your head and into your arousal


Session 3 // 25th September 7-9pm

Tickets available from 29th August

Sexy Mantras will be on sale on the night for $20 (save $4 + P&H - cash only) 

Thanks Lauren. I forgot how important it was to be reminded why I need to feel confident. I will practice what you have taught me for myself. Not for others but for myself. I’m becoming more confident in doing this for me. Very exciting!
— Jeanie
                                                                       Speaking with the attendees at Conversations : Reclaim your MOJO

                                                                       Speaking with the attendees at Conversations : Reclaim your MOJO



Conversations is held monthly on Monday evenings at:

Silo Paddington - 31B Stevenson St Paddington Q 4064


Keep reading because there is an even juicier option… 

Attend all 3 sessions for an exclusive price of $90 – this is such excellent value and means that you won’t miss out on any vital information that will make attendance to Conversations feel complete for you. To snap up this option, use the contact form below and say YES to getting juiced up from all 3 sessions. I am limiting this option to 5 places so act quickly! Securing your place to all 3 requires your payment to be received by EFT before 31st July, 2017.

I can't wait to have the best conversation with you that you have never had. See you soon, Lauren xo

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