Sexosophy sex coaching is a present-centred process with an emphasis on what concerns are occurring for you now so that you can begin to look forward and effectively manage sexual difficulties such as lack of sexual desire, low libido, orgasm difficulties, painful sex (dryness, vaginismus and pelvic pain disorders requiring a non-medical approach), body image issues, recovery from infidelity, questioning sexual preferences or orientation, sexual shutdown (numbness with or about sex), resuming sex after giving birth, unwanted or abusive sexual experiences and relationship conflicts. It is through this collaborative and experiential process that you will begin to feel more confident and empowered about your sexual self now and for years to come.

Sexosophy’s incorporation of feedback, personalised guidance, practical and usable suggestions and individualised approach means that you can safely explore your sexual philosophies and desires and begin to witness the flow-on effect to your personal relationships and the other facets of your life. Sex coaching allows for flexibility in the periodicity of sessions and is ultimately psychoeducational so that you can begin to understand how your thoughts and feelings are influencing your behaviours. This, along with the interactive role of the sex coach, assists you to move on from being stuck in patterns that are no longer working for you. Momentum of your sex coaching experience is maintained with informative factsheets and email contact in-between sessions so that you get the most out of exploring these new parts of yourself. With Sexosophy sex coaching, you are guided through a process of holistic healing so that you can begin to enjoy and look forward to a satisfying sex life.

As per Sexosophy’s policy, a referral will be recommended in the initial phone call if it is believed that any of your concerns would be better managed by the expertise of a clinical psychologist.