You need sex coaching to:

+Break your body free of shame, guilt, feeling taboo and conditioning that keeps you responding in the same way

+Be exposed to something progressive beyond sex tips in the tabloids.

+Connect with a service that humanises female sexuality – that understands sex in the real world.

+Discuss, process and move through your sexual concerns with confidence and grace.

+Understand how to be in alignment with your own body so that you can both lead and follow sensation and arousal.

+Gain a better understanding of what you value and desire within your sexuality.

+Shift unhelpful and unhealthy patterns that create disconnection and dissatisfaction in your sex life.

+Know that there is more to your boring and predictable experience of intimacy.

+Feel certain when you answer the question, what do you like and what do you want from sex?


Sex Coaching addresses specific concerns

                 Low libido and lack of sexual desire                     

Low sexual arousal

                                          Orgasm difficulties - alone and/or with a partner                                            

Sex for conception, during pregnancy, after birth and in motherhood 

Sexual shutdown and numbness with or about sex         

     Body image issues      

Painful sex

Moving past unwanted or negative experiences

              Coaching for sexual enhancement               

How does Sex Coaching Work?

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Phone Consultation


To connect, assess your needs and find the right coaching package for you.

Start Your Package


Begin to feel safe, have hope and become confident from your initial talk session.

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To support your process during your package..

   Quality Resources


To my exclusive online erotic education video library, factsheets and books from my collection.  


Choose the right coaching package for you


I have developed talk packages that allow you to have a space to be heard and a process that moves you from a place of feeling stuck, frustrated and closed off to being open, clear, decisive and above all, interested in sex. By saying yes to one of my coaching packages, you are saying yes to:

  • Clarity as to why you aren’t enjoying sex and why you put a wall up even when you feel safe and happy with your partner in the day-to-day.
  • Empowerment - the difference between doing something you actually want to do and doing something because you feel you should or only to please others.
  • New communication techniques that permit you to express yourself more clearly to your partner without talks turning into a fight.
  • Opening up to sex, initiating sex with your partner and being less in your head. Start to have more fun with sex again (or for the first time).
  • Creating more alignment between your head, heart and body. Learn guaranteed methods to increase your libido, listen to your arousal and follow your truest desires by creating variety in your sex life.
  • A helping process with a point of difference to compliment what you now know about yourself and your body. 
  • Discovering how your renewed sex life won’t be taking anything away from what you currently enjoy and it certainly won’t be on your to-do list.
  • Moving into a relationship with your body and your roles as committed partner and/or mama with more love and acceptance. You know this could be easier if you felt more comfortable about how you feel about your body.
  • Learning how to bring variety into your sex life and new approaches towards each other’s bodies so that you aren’t doing the same thing that is causing so much dissatisfaction.
  • Regaining intimacy with your partner in and out of the bedroom by learning more about different touch styles and approaches, so that you understand each other better and it is clearer what each of you both want and need.



Release your limiting beliefs about sex, learn the real facts about your body, explore new parts of your emerging identity, get clear with your communication skills and create the sex life you want.

The Discovery Package is best for:

+getting some fast answers to the problem areas in your sex life and relationship

+increasing your sense of safety to be sexual by reducing anxiety and apprehension

+gaining an understanding of what your blocks are (and how to dissolve them)

+knowing how to respond to future trouble spots

+gently increasing the volume on your libido

+learning some practical skills around touch

+clearly communicating your most pressing concerns to your partner

The Discovery Package establishes your sexual foundation : Initial talk session of 1.5 hours and 3 x talk sessions of 1 hour

[Download your price list below]


I have been empowered and given so much confidence. I feel like I’m a completely different person to the girl who started out just under 3 months ago. Every fear I had, has now vanished. I am far more confident in myself, in my body and in my relationship. Lauren’s magic is incredible.
— Annie, Brisbane



Know your body’s pleasure in + out, begin to initiate because you want to, create the energy for satisfying sex, feel more open in your sensuality, express yourself clearly with your partner and change your relationship dynamic forever.

The Transformation Package is best for:

+Owning your sexuality and becoming your best sexual self

+Gently integrating all the pieces so that they stay within your identity and last the distance

+Feeling sure of how to initiate sex and getting clear on foreplay, sex and afterplay 

+Creating solid boundaries in intimacy, sex and your daily life

+Being the woman who can confidently speak up through clear communication skills

+Reclaiming the desire to have sex

+Boosting your attraction to your partner

+Coaxing more arousal and orgasmic sensation into your sexual experiences

The Transformation Package is your complete program to living as a red blooded woman. This is your arrival : Initial talk session of 1.5 hours and 6 x talk sessions of 1 hour

[Download your price list below]

Thank you Lauren! The advice and knowledge from sex coaching sessions have enabled me to reconnect my mind and body. I have been able to rekindle the passion I used to have and want with my husband.
— Tammy, Adelaide

the one day immersion package

The one day immersion package is 6.5 hours of sexuality education, wisdom, sexual skills and empowerment that is perfectly suited for women who want to learn quickly yet deeply and are short on time or live at a distance from the Sexosophy office. This special day is crafted around everything you need to know to get your sexuality and intimate relationships exactly where you want them to be. This package includes email support for 2 weeks after the immersion day. Available select weekdays from 9-430pm and pricing includes morning tea and lunch. 



It's a yes for me. How do I proceed?

1) Download your price list. Click on that beautiful button above.

2) In the price list, use the link to book your complimentary 20 minute discovery call via my calendar. This call allows us to connect, assess your needs and identify the right package for you. At the end of this call, we book the initial talk session.

3) I will then email you a PayPal or EFT invoice for your package

4) You will receive email confirmation of your payment, pre-session information and my location

5) You will receive a SMS reminder the day before our session 

How do you accept payment?

Packages can be paid for via EFT or PayPal. Sometimes, there is more to explore at the end of your package so if you require further sessions, an hourly rate will be quoted to you. All pricing includes GST.

What session times do you have available?

I am available for sex coaching sessions with women in the Brisbane Northside office and offer Skype sessions for women that reside in other locations. 

Session times:   Wednesday 10am to 5pm // 7pm to 9pm

                            Friday 9am to 5pm

                            First and third Saturday of the month (excluding PH weekends) 9am to 12pm

Where do you work from?

I work in complete privacy at my home office on Brisbane's inner northside. I know that sometimes it all feels a little mysterious (creepy even) to go to someone's (stranger's) home and I get that completely. But here's the thing, when I had a tiny office in the city, it was so loud! It was in an old heritage building with no sound proofing. It didn't ease my clients like I wanted the space too. So I fixed that issue by using my home to welcome women. There is a separate entry way to my home office - it is downstairs and we live upstairs so it is clear and distinct. My office has some seriously good juju too (I had a medium friend give the all clear). Quiet, serene and completely confidential, my unique space provides me with great flexibility with session times and no unwanted noise or intrusion from other tenants. 

Still have a few more questions?

There is always a little more to know. Click here to read through the commonly asked questions. 

Have a specific question that hasn't been answered here? 

That's ok - I am here to help.  Please drop me a line and I will do my best to answer your questions.