Sexosophy relationship and sexuality coaching informs you of the ingredients that are found to work in keeping long-term relationships alive and sexually satisfying. Love, attraction, intimacy and sexual communication are important and complex aspects of people’s lives and sometimes an external professional is needed to help people to find that connection again. Conflicts with sexual partners are common and can generate a range of emotions that can be unfamiliar and uncomfortable. Sexosophy relationship and sexuality coaching provides you with the opportunity to demystify these occurrences; shares an objective outlook and subsequently encourages you to integrate new strategies so that you can grow individually and as a couple. Once this process is started and clarity is gained, relationships can take on new depths of authenticity, love and sexuality.

With an emphasis on what concerns are occurring for you as an individual and within your relationship, Sexosophy equips you to begin effectively managing any sexual difficulties that arise with confidence and assurance. These difficulties include a lack of sexual desire, low libido, orgasm difficulties, painful sex (dryness, vaginismus and pelvic pain disorders requiring a non-medical approach), body image issues, recovery from infidelity, questioning sexual preferences or orientation, sexual shutdown (numbness with or about sex), resuming sex after giving birth, unwanted or abusive sexual experiences and relationship conflicts. It is through the collaborative and experiential process of Sexosophy relationship and sexuality coaching that you will begin to feel more confident and empowered about your sexual self (and your sexual relationships) now and for years to come.