It doesn’t matter what stage of your relationship you are at, if you are dating or single; problems connecting, getting along with others and communicating our needs and desires happen to everyone at various times.

But if disagreements about sex, passion and intimacy are persisting without resolution in your life then it might be time for external guidance and support to improve the quality of your relationship.

Common relationship problems that Lauren assists include:

-Disagreements about sexual frequency and practices

-Differing values and conflicting ideas about sex, time together and intimacy

-Consistent fighting and resentment

-Infidelity and affairs

-Destructive/harmful communication tactics

-Avoidance of problems and concerns in the relationship

-Disharmony and dissatisfaction

-Co-dependence and enmeshment (over-involvement in each other’s lives)

-Problems coping with lifestyle changes, poor health and aging

-Problems adjusting to co-habiting, marriage and long-term commitment

-Returning to or replicating relationships that are abusive, unhealthy or emotionally distressing

Go deeper in your commitment, resolve your conflicts and begin connecting sexually and emotionally again with the help of a qualified female sexologist.

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