I never knew that when I finished studying sex that so much of what I talk to women about is their voice and sound. The connection just wasn't there. I have seen so many women that:

+are givers that don't know how to receive

+can only bear sex in the dark

+say yes to placate your partner and use sex as a bargaining chip for less bickering and more harmony

And the problem is...
So much advice is: just talk to your partner about it... when a problem arises but what about the women who have been told countless times to never speak up. To never verbally question. To never stand up for fear of judgment.

I never knew that my most favourite part of working with women would revolve around them turning up and turning on - in and out of the bedroom. Paradoxically, it's a topic I can speak about endlessly. 

When you say yes to sessions, I will give you clear models and instructions as to how you can source your yes and your no to then open up the channels of communication in a way that is concise and very you. 

Let's turn you up to turn you on...