10 ways to prime yourself during the day for a sexy night PDF

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you have a date tonight...

But in the past, you have sabotaged the possibility for sex. Numerous times. 

Or you have had sex but it is just...meh.

You are wanting to keep the flame alive and are eager to make this relationship work. You love your partner but the sexy side needs to bit of a freshening up. The problem is, it's as if sex is just thrust upon you and there isn't a lot in your life that lets you warm up to it being a possibility. 

It's time to take a few steps back.

BEFORE you go on your next date, get a bit of smoke started with these 10 tips to ensure that being sexual doesn't seem like such a distant concept. I promise you that every moment you invest in your sexy self in the daytime will make it easier to drop into that space in the nighttime. 

Lauren xo