triple j: the hook-up program

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In this segment of the The Hook Up - Lauren speaks to host Nat Tencic and listeners about how stress effects our sex life and libido. The segment starts about 90 minutes in!



PODCAST: SO CRISP WITH JAY CRISP CROW - Permission, Sexy Words, and the Truth About Being a Sexologist - Lauren WhitE


Time to get juicy. A sexologist and author, Lauren White has plenty to teach us. I've invited her on the show to explore an often-ignored and infrequently-discussed topic: women's sexuality.

Talking all things sexy, Lauren and I cover permission and consent, book concepts and titles, and poetry and Plath.

Lauren works with women who want to move from anxiety and inhibition so that they can source their libidos in life and sex.

listen to it here!!


podcast: wholehearted EP30 - why it’s ok to love vanilla sex

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Two sexologists talking vanilla sex? Yup. That happened.

Fellow sexologist, Isiah McKimmie + I talk about how women need to give themselves permission to be sexual as they are - rather than trying to be something that media says we should be + feeling that we are falling short in sex and intimacy. Why not drop all the pressure, expectation + judgment and just turn up in sex as we are + see what happens! We talk about: - what to do when you’re not in the mood - how to build connection with a partner - what to consider before experimenting sexually.




PODCAST: The roooar podcast s2 ep 3 - PERMISSION

Lauren White Roooar Podcast

In this episode, you’ll enjoy a peek under the sheets with me, Lauren White. This episode will help you embrace who you are at your core, through the power of orgasm and sex.  

This episode it is all about one thing: permission. Permission to enjoy sex and pleasure on your terms, and how it translates to beautifully into how you show up in your business and other areas of your life. This episode will have you questioning where in your life, expectations are placed on you – what you’re told you should be doing in your relationships, and where permission can liberate you from being ‘the good girl’.

So, how do you want to feel in the domain of your bedroom? Are you ready to embrace sex and really enjoy it? Then it’s time to listen in as I guide you into how to have those awkward conversations about sex and what we like, want and desire.



interview: australasian birth trauma association - finding your mojo after a difficult birth

I had a beautiful interview with Amy from the ABTA all about:

+Navigating through the 6 week postpartum check that gives the tick to intercourse (when you hadn't even thought about it yet

+The words that you can shift to when your mind is stuck in trauma and how you are 'broken'

+Reclaiming your mojo as a mama who is used to depletion without giving lip service to what you think you should be doing

+How all of this makes you more receptive and open to being sexually expressive



podcast: mums with hustle ep 121 - when what should be working, isn't working

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If you blush pretty easily, today’s episode is about to burn you up! I’m so excited to be chatting with Lauren White, a sexologist based in Brisbane, who assists her many satisfied clients to reinvigorate their sexual power and their intimate lives.

Now, I know some bizmums are going to be like, “Wait a minute Tracy, what’s this got to do with business?”, and I’ve got to tell ya… EVERYTHING! Lauren is not only going to be sharing how she helps women release their psychological blocks that prevent them from fully stepping into their sexuality, but she’s also going to get real about her major biz barriers that prevented her success (like reaching her ideal target audience) and how she’s working to overcome them.


  • Anticipating your post-partum recovery, so you don’t have to feel stressed or pressured to go back to your business.

  • NOT burning yourself out.

  • Why don’t crazy sex tips work or translate into helping women have a better sex life.

  • Shifting any sexual apprehension and negativity towards acceptance and positivity.

  • How to quiet your mind and focus on your body.

  • How I moved from the mindset of scarcity and feeling as if I “don't have enough” in regards to followers, email list, clients, etc. and shifted into the mindset of abundance and self-worth..

  • Some of the external blockages that I experienced with my biz like struggling to advertise and sponsor my posts on social media.

  • Women not feeling comfortable following me on social media because they don’t want their friends or partner to know they follow someone who posts about sex.

  • Learning to let go of my ego and starting to offer what I genuinely wanted to offer.

  • My ideal client and how I plan content for them.



podcast: all we cannot say ep 27 - deciphering the elusive female libido


A low female libido is one of the most common sexual complaints for women. It’s also my area of expertise and passion. 

In this episode of All We Cannot Say, Camilla and I discuss the elusive female libido, as well as:

  • Why your late 20s is a huge time of emotional growth

  • Why women need to change by ourselves, for ourselves

  • Is everyone else having sex but you?

  • Why the language we use influences your sexual mindset

  • Quality over quantity, especially between the sheets

  • The danger of silence and assumptions in shaping our belief systems

  • Why communication is key to a healthy sexuality

  • The best way to start a conversation about sex

  • How to foster a safe space for important, sensitive topics

  • What makes soy a huge libido blocker

  • Alcohol’s effect on your orgasmic capacity

  • How to expand and explore your sexuality

  • Vanilla sex

  • Is penetration a requisite for sex?

  • The joys of non-goal-oriented sex

  • The ideal time for foreplay – it’s longer than you think

  • How men can help the woman in their life feel more sexy, confident and in control

Listen HERE! on iTunes or through the All We Cannot Say site.


podcast: UNBREAKABLE EP 12 - libido, motherhood and tending to our own fires

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“My libidinous energy is fed when I am connecting with women, my partner
writing or doing something delicious. (I am) Giving myself permission to
own that this is how my libido works”

From Nicole: Lauren White gives us permission. Permission to tend to the things that we love in the trust that the energy flows into every part of our life…….She says that it is one and the same as our sexuality and that lagging libido is not just about the bedroom. Lauren also gives us permission to change and be fluid. Let’s face it, this is what it is to be feminine.

I also share:
+ The libido crash and crazy hormones that made 2016 my bathroom floor year
+ Mother guilt – as I ask myself “Why aren’t I like those other mums just wanting to just spend time with my kids?”
+ How keeping my sexual flame alive is not a job segregated off into the bedroom
+ The best sex advice you could ever get – and my reason for not actually giving sex tips
+ How connecting with women is where I find my inspiration, guidance and reason for being
+ How marriage is changing and thankfully becoming less restrained and inflexible
+ And finally why speaking up is my biggest evolutionary challenge at the moment, and why it is so important for women

Listen HERE! on Nicole Mathieson's site or search for the Unbreakable podcast on iTunes.



Mariah Freya and I had a blast chatting about Sex and Mamahood on Skype - this stellar woman holds a beautiful space for an interview and I ended up revealing more about my personal and professional takes on being a hot creator. Watch the link above to hear our chat about processing and progressing after birth and learn a bit more about my orgasmic energy changed - yew!



In this episode of The Roooar Podcast, Anna chats with Lauren and Jemma Bishop of the online sensuality boutique Chantilly Rouge. Together, we explore: 

  1. Rediscovering your sexuality when juggling biz & life

  2. Overcoming the stigma of having a business that is based on sexuality

  3. Should Facebook be more progressive when it comes to the industry?

  4. The common problems women face when it comes to their sexuality

  5. Ditching the shame & body image issues and

  6. Tips for getting out of the “I’m too tired” rut


Podcast: Sex and your business

In this podcast with Empowering Her Business, I tell you the 4 aspects of your business that are enhanced when we have a healthy sex life.

  1. It enhances our intuition – we make clearer decisions about our business dreams and pathway

  2. It allows us to be more powerful – understanding our bodies and being comfortable in the bedroom unleashes our confidence in business.

  3. It nurtures our whole self – taking the time to nurture your inner being gives you a different perspective on life

  4. It fuels and balances our creativity – being creative with who you are and and where your creativity comes from is all part of our sexual drive as women