permission challenge day 4:

Permission to love vanilla

Ooooh are you defrosting from that place of not trusting/always doubting?

Feeling a bit warmer about being your own permission granter because you are giving yourself the green light to be you…to be sexual and…to trust?

Oh yes. Today we are going straight for my favourite flavour. Vanilla.

Watch the video to absorb exactly why vanilla is the best flavour for a real world bedroom…


what your libido really needs to hear…

Most Tantra practitioners will probably never say this to you because without a sense of inadequacy or the presence of a dysfunction, there is less need for Tantra to fill the void.

The sweetest relief can come from the simplest words.

You are enough. You don’t need to be anymore.

Your sexuality is enough.

For some of my clients, this was what they needed to hear.

And my best guess is, this is what you need to hear too.

Can you deepen this and say it to yourself?

I am enough.

I have done enough.

My sexuality is enough.

I am enough.


Now, there’s something we need to talk about.

This free challenge is a bloody good toe dipping experience don’t get me wrong but you may need something that is a little more accessible by your bedside, as you soak in the tub or on the train going to work.

And if you love the sound of my voice - you might want to hear it some more - in the form of a book.

My big question to you is…



GOOD! Here’s how…


If you like what you learnt here then you will LOVE Permission. The content of the challenge was actually based on what is IN Permission.

Nifty, hey?

This book is like no other sexy book out there - the whole premise is: it’s OK to be all these things in life and sex…just get clear on what parts work for you and you can harness to be real and in full ownership. Other chapter titles beyond the ones we had for the challenge include:

Permission to shelve desire.

Permission to feel safe.

Permission to have boundaries.

Permission to have trauma.

Permission to take your time.

Permission to be choosy.

Permission to be in control.

Permission to be serious.

Permission to not use products.

And it was super duper cool when bestselling author Lisa Lister said:

If you have ever felt stuck between the societal archetypes of the good girl and switched on woman... If you’ve ever wondered if wanting ‘vanilla’ sex makes you boring... If the need for your experience as a sexual woman to be validated...Read Permission. In Permission, Lauren offers guidance and practical wisdom that will help you to explore your relationship with sex, intimacy and your personal health. It will cultivate, support and liberate your feminine reclamation so that you will never seek, or most importantly, need permission for your own sexual expression ever again.
— Lisa Lister - Code Red, Love your Lady Landscape & Witch

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I’ll see you tomorrow for our final day - Day 5 - Permission to speak up

Lauren xo