real time permission granting.

one day group immersion.

 autumn || march 9, 2019


It's time to have a real conversation about sex and life.

More specifically, a conversation that will keep serving you for months and years to come.

All in the safety of like-minded women.

Permission: Immersion is the one-day intensive curated to help you cultivate your very own way of giving yourself permission

exactly how + where you need to.


This is a call to you. Are you:

…a giver that struggles feeling comfortable receiving?

…constantly waiting for someone else to give you the green light to do what you ache to do?

…saying yes to placate your partner and tolerating sex so that there will be less bickering and more harmony?

…the woman that opts out of doing anything in groups but you secretly crave this primal human experience?

I’m calling out to the women who know they have a voice but struggle to raise its volume.

The women that are ready to be liberated.

For themselves. By themselves.


Why you need Permission: Immersion

You aren’t alone if you feel blocked with sourcing what it is you truly want. You may well have been held back from speaking up time after time because you’ve been conditioned to conform to what everyone else expects of you.

If you’ve read Permission, you’ll recall that the good girl identity has so many wonderful qualities yet her shadow side is to default to not speaking up and causing a fuss. When your good girl identity persists well into womanhood, so much of your libido is left unacknowledged and all of those silent expectations create a lot of dissatisfaction.

When this happens, you are a shell of your truest potential.

The antidote? Well, that will appear when you show up, feel the discomfort and speak up.

What I have witnessed (and personally experienced) is that when women put their bravest speaking voices forward they actively change their blueprint: that part of you that has experienced sex and life a certain way up until this point. Permission will actively shift that blueprint to reveal a woman that is far more expressive, clear and a whole lot more bold.

Is your head a jumble with ‘what will people think?’ with an inner dialogue that is constantly judging you and telling you you aren’t enough?

Did you read Permission but felt like you needed some more personalised guidance and extra nudges to get your ass into action?

Are you ready to finally satisfy your inner trailblazer (com’on - you know she’s in there!) by being the first through the door of my new flagship program Permission?

If so, I want you. No, not like THAT! But I do want to work with you. This day is about disrupting that part of you that loves a tick-the-box and is caught in a loop of always trying to control what happens because there is safety in certainty. What I really want to show you is how you can still feel safe and be OK with trusting that very beautiful libido of yours.

This is what Hannah had to say about my previous group program Amplified

Before I came into Amplified, I was unsure, disengaged from my body and lost. I wasn’t able to identify my needs or wants sexually or own my sexuality. I felt like my sexuality had gone to sleep and I didn’t know if it would ever wake up.

Over the first few months, I began to feel a strong sense of empowerment and the shame that had dictated how I felt about my sexuality began to melt. We were learning so many valuable processes and strategies for owning our reality and it let me begin to stand strong in myself and feel that for the first time my needs are valuable.

I am so sad that our sessions have come to an end because I feel that they have just gone from strength to strength and I have walked away every time feeling inspired and encouraged. There have been so many incredible take aways but the biggest thing for me is feeling like I really own my sexuality again – it has awakened! And not just my sexuality but who I am as a woman.

Thank you Lauren, this has been invaluable!
— Hannah, Brisbane


With a maximum of 4 women in our group, we are able to:

+Explore everything on the other side of habit, boredom, people pleasing and frustration.

+Realign the imbalance of too much chatter in your head and not enough expression emanating from your body.

+Bond over our shared desires and map out how we can translate them to our real world lives.

+Dissolve the tendency of showing up to people please and start to speak so you are not only heard, but understood. Just as you are.


Along each step of the way, you will share with the group what you are discovering about your own sexuality through three distinct intentions…

Intimacy // Reveal the parts of your story you feel comfortable to and you will relieve yourself of the armour you have had to carry of not being enough. Be held as a high achiever and take baby steps into the gentleness of vulnerability.

Alignment // We will release, speak, clear, ask, receive and ultimately unstick from the limitations of inhibitions. Shared permission granting reduces judgment and increases trust.

Activation // We’ll use movement to activate and anchor in what you most need. All movement will be gentle yet liberating. Movement is the key to shedding what you no longer need and calling in what it is you do need (+want). No movement (or dance) experience necessary.

Together is the only way for any of us to hit our maximum potential, to live in the deepest corners of our dreams and desires. To step boldly into our radiance and inspire other women by being a model of turn-on. It’s the most wonderful construct: your desires will set me free, and mine will set you free.
— Regina Thomashauer in Pussy: A Reclamation


I see so many women leave their sexuality as the final piece of their personal awakening when it is our sexuality that unlocks every other component – boundaries, authenticity, permission, sensuality, body love, heart opening, speaking up, affection, gratitude, power, wildness, clarity and above all…liberation.

Permission : Immersion is for you if you:

+Are open to participation, even if you feel shy, inhibited and lack confidence.

+Possess a keen interest in learning about what makes you you

+Have a curiosity about your sexuality and femininity, even if you feel like your head and body don’t “get” it

+Are willing to shed the dogma and rules that have governed your sex life

+Are tired of living in a lacklustre way. You are wondering where is the deep comfort of living in your personal truth?

+Have denied yourself the chance to be apart of a group of women but you secretly really yearn for this


Your problem isn’t that you aren’t sexual enough.

Your problem is that you don’t know how to access your sexual power.

— Lauren White, Permission

Here’s what I can promise you…

+Transparency: I will shed a complete light on what works and what doesn’t when it comes to giving your libido permission to open and thrive

+An increase in confidence as you absorb the shared group wisdom

+Real world sex + life advice in everyday language

+Genuine connection with other women

+Ownership. No more thrusting the responsibility of your pleasure + pain on to others. When your desires and voice are in partnership, you are making a declaration and declarations allow desires to manifest.

+Personalised support and all your questions answered through the Immersion day.


Why you can feel safe in your most vulnerable disclosure with me:


But you don’t need to do all of the retreats, tertiary education and 1:1 sessions that I have to get to the point of owning your sexuality. I have condensed all of that wisdom down into Permission: Immersion so that you don’t have to put all that time, effort and cash in. My own journey of speaking up about sex despite worrying what everyone else thinks has been challenging. But the more I speak up about it in person and online, the more natural it is.

The more I speak up, the more I own the truth: I am a sexual woman.

And I want you to be able to say this too.

This is what Shae had to say about my previous group program Amplified

Before joining Amplified, I was looking for a group offering women-to-women wisdom. Seeing Amplified advertised, I quickly saw it was what I was seeking, so I gifted it to myself for my 30th birthday.

During the sessions, the awakening was gradual and imperceptible but over time clear – I have learnt some timeless truths from Lauren that I’ll take with me wherever I go and impart those to fellow women near me.

After this group, I feel empowered to acknowledge my yes and no and to accept that my maybe is actually a no.
— Shae, Brisbane


The Details

Saturday 9th March 10am -4pm.

Permission will be held in Alderley, Brisbane and finer details will be given to applicants upon confirmation of your booking.

Participation in Permission is by application. To submit the application form, click below.


Investment is $397 and includes attendance to the full day immersion, tea breaks and catered lunch. GST is included in the pricing. Please know that I will have an assistant on the day to ensure all of the parts and processes flow smoothly. I know you’ll love her just like I do!

With Holly, Hannah and Shae at the end of  Amplified .

With Holly, Hannah and Shae at the end of Amplified.



+ Why a group immersion?

Women flourish when they have other women as allies. The longer women try to exist without other women, the harder their hearts get. When we choose to remain in ongoing contact, we forge bonds and feel safe. All of my deepest learnings have taken place in the presence of other women and I am elated to be able to offer this to 4 special women who seek change and say yes.

+ When and where is the immersion?

Permission: Immersion will be happening in line with a new moon (great for intention setting) on the day after International Women's Day. It is held in the private and secure location of Alderley, Brisbane. The specific address will be given to applicants on booking Permission in the pre-session information pack.

+ What exactly will we do in the Immersion?

Ahhh I know you want a play-by-play to put your mind at ease but I'm going to tell your busy mind something else...mind - there is nothing you can anticipate or prepare for. All you and body need to do is turn up and you'll be given guidance and instructions as you need them. Trust me on this one.

+ What do I need to do to get ready before we start?

When you have submitted your application form and been accepted into Permission, you will be sent the link to my online calendar to secure your place. Once you have done this - you are in! If you haven't already, you will need to read Permission before attending. Let me know when you submit your application if you need a copy posted to you. If you have already read it, you may want to re-read it again to freshen up on the content.

+ Why do I need to have read Permission?

I have lovingly crafted Permission: Immersion on the chapters of my published book Permission. I know that books have the power to move, shift and create significant change. Only that...there needs to be some form of activation of what has resonated so that it will really sink deep into your bones. If you have read Permission but need that extra nudge to really get it moving in your life, this is it.

+ What if I don’t read Permission before attending?

Well, you may get a little FOMO! Reading Permission will ensure that we make the most out of our time together as I won't have to cover core concepts verbally. Skipping homework may have been cool in high school but it isn't in 2019 ;)

+ Will I get any 1:1 time with Lauren?

No. Due to the nature and timeframe of Permission: Immersion, there will not be the opportunity for 1:1 time with Lauren. If you need further personalised support, booking an introductory session after the immersion day is recommended.

+ Permission is not for you if...

You are seeking a passive learning experience where you listen and stay quiet (hey, this is sometimes all you need). I’m looking for women who are at a point in their lives where they value the healing, growth and clarity that comes from speaking up, even when it feels daunting or anxiety provoking.


This is what Holly had to say about my previous group program Amplified

Amplified was life changing for me. Lauren and the women I shared this journey with were nurturing, compassionate and empathic. I walked up those stairs that first night with no idea the impact this group would have not just on my sexuality and femininity but my every day life and relationships. I discovered ways to increase pleasure in all areas. I cannot tell you how happy I am that I said YES.
Thank you beautiful women.
Thank you Lauren. You have indelible knowledge.
— Holly, Brisbane

So, are you ready to fully start giving yourself permission in sex, intimacy and life?


I think we’ll weave wonderful magic together.

I can’t wait to meet you.

Lauren xo