- loving your libido + knowing your body -

Gain instant access to the sex education you never got (but should have) - all from the privacy of your home.

You need help with your libido and getting connected with your body.

And to be honest, you needed it, like - yesterday.

You’ve started to notice that ignoring your sex life isn’t magically improving it and staying in the story of: they have a high libido and I have none is causing more pain each time you say it to yourself.

You look in the mirror at your body and you feel a mix of numbness and disconnection. You just don’t “get it” and what it is capable of feeling.

If you’re sick of fumbling about in the bedroom, not knowing how to answer the question:

What feels good for you?

then these masterclasses are for you.

Coming to your classes was the best decision I have made in my journey of self-discovery/empowerment/improvement. I have learnt some very valuable life lessons and skills that I hope to use and pass on to others who have felt the way I have and a rich, empowered, educated sex life is what I look forward to experiencing and it’s all thanks to you! Thank you for your gift of openness, warmth, intelligence and knowledge to myself and the group.
— Evie



It’s not easy being a woman today. Let’s just say…the pressure is intense. And sure, a lot of this is coming from crappy messages from sources outside of ourselves yet what I’ve noticed is that A LOT of the judgment is coming from within.

Yup, women are the harshest judges of themselves and the worry of not being good enough in sex is not helping our comfort and confidence at all. Maybe in the past you used to be OK with it. Maybe it’s just always been this way for you. Some women can list the how's and why's their libidos got to this point.

Regardless, sex and your libido is in a category that cues avoidance, anxiety and disconnection.

In this eye-opening masterclass, you’ll learn to love your libido by:

  • Myth busting your libido in life and sex so that you feel normal and less alone

  • Giving you helpful, practical solutions to your biggest libido blockers

  • Working on your libidinous mindset

  • Getting you a whole lot closer to a libidinous life

  • Problem solving what to do when you get stumped – you’ll get my libido checklist and learn how to use it

I initially booked the first class quite reluctantly and after attending, I felt inspired and wanted to learn more. I felt comfortable with the other women and knowing that I wasn’t alone in wanting to re-connect with my husband. Lauren made me feel confident and gave me hope that things could improve. I enjoyed all 3 Conversations classes and would happily recommend them to anyone requiring help. Wouldn’t hesitate to come to more. Thank you!
— Jacqui


Your body is primed for being sexual but you struggle to connect with your body and specifically, down there.

Where are these waves of orgasmic pleasure that you see in movies and TV (I'm looking at you #netflix)?

Sometimes, just getting to the bedroom is a struggle because you are so preoccupied with the way your body looks and moves and that causes any interest in sex to fizzle completely. You feel at odds with your body and anatomy, maybe you even experience pain and that is really creating a block to intimacy.

As a sexologist that focuses specifically on female sexuality, I have walked countless women through the possibilities for pleasure that live in their bodies. This isn't a matter of whether you've got 'it' or not (because you do) but of how you can start to access these spots of heightened arousal. You are so ripe to know - you.

In this completely candid masterclass, you will learn:

  • myth busting about our bodies in sex - I'm going to crack the common ones wide open

  • how NORMAL it is to not know the true intricacies of your most sensitive anatomy - I'll share the info that isn't made public

  • what you need to move into a state of acknowledgment of your body (and it isn't positive thoughts)

  • mindset hacks that help you move your body from the realm of checked-out to checked-in

  • the types of touch that you probably aren't using or receiving (and should be!)


Thank you Lauren. I forgot how important it was to be reminded why I need to feel confident. I will practice what you have taught me for myself. Not for others but for myself. I’m becoming more confident in doing this for me. Very exciting!
— Jeanie


Your Investment

Loving Your Libido + Knowing Your Body = $90 AUD

But you get BOTH for $47 AUD


Who is this for? These masterclasses are for people who identify as women and speak to women’s internal experience of sex and intimacy.

How will I get the masterclasses? You’ll be directed to my Thinkific course page where you will create a login. Be sure to pop your username and password somewhere safe so you can access the masterclasses whenever you want.

How long are the masterclasses? Both are approximately 90 mins long. Please note - the Loving your Libido Masterclass was conducted with live participants and the Knowing your Body Masterclass wasn’t.

What if I am left with questions afterwards? If you are a woman who needs more support after accessing the Masterclasses then my 1.1 process on the Sessions page is the next step in activating your deepest transformation.

Any refunds? No.

I can't wait to have the best conversation with you (that you have never had).

See you in the masterclasses,

Lauren xo