Sexual arousal and those well-loved sensations in your body that let you know that you are turned on just don’t start.

Or, you might start to feel aroused at some points and then lose it soon after.

Or, your arousal is really high and then just stops. It may be that it doesn’t take much to turn it off and it is a struggle to get it back again.

Officially, low sexual arousal is the persistent or recurrent inability to attain or maintain sufficient sexual excitement and it is only a problem if it causes personal distress. It may be experienced as lack of subjective sexual excitement or lack of objective genital response (such as lubrication and swelling) or other somatic/bodily responses.

There are multiple reasons for low sexual arousal, some of which are physical and some of which are psychological (or a combination of both). Each woman is different and as such there is no one explanation for why she does not respond to a sexual situation where there is adequate or high levels of sexual interest and desire.

In particular, if your low sexual arousal is matched with low sexual desire then it might be the right time for some new ideas to interrupt what has become normal or conditioned in your sexual arousal and responses. Your situation doesn’t have to stay this way and help is available from a qualified female sexologist.

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