Moving through your libido blocks e-course

Module 1: Identification 


Firstly, we need to know what blocks you've got...

Are your blocks seriously inhibiting your sexual expression?

Before we go any further, let's define libido - the best definition I have ever come across is libido is your ability to give and receive pleasure, enjoyment and acknowledgment. 

Love it! Notice how give and receive are equal (the Libran in me loves that!) and that there is no mention of eroticism or sexuality? That's because your libido works from the outside-in. 

I personally like to personify my libido and ask it what it wants. In my world, it is a my head, intuition, heart and pussy power combined! Watch out world...

Now, let's demystify what a block is exactly. The way I see it, your blocks are about what isn't working or what needs to go. They are so very personal yet so…impersonal.

We have blocks because we are exposed to so many different influences, beliefs and messages that have culminated, combined and been internalised (but not in a good way). They create a chain reaction to put our arousal on hold 

Libido blocks can be:

+Mental: beliefs and thoughts that surface as words that stop your arousal or confidence like 'what's the point?' and 'I just don't have a libido'

+Cultural: attitudes that expect the woman to serve her man and that her pleasure isn't important or is shameful

+Physical: experiences of pain or discomfort that inhibit arousal, engorgement and penetration like vaginismus, dyspareunia, pelvic pain, endometriosis or even during pregnancy

+Energetic: a limitation that is sensed or sensation that is perceived that doesn't have a physical origin such as feeling like you can only breathe so far down into your belly and not all the way down into your genitals

+Emotional: A (negative) feeling or emotion that keeps coming up with sex and intimacy such as betrayal or rejection. Trauma and conflict can be at the source of emotional blocks. 

+Spiritual: the belief that sexual expression will make you unclean, unholy or disobedient. Having a sense of being watched by the spirit world and feel ashamed of how you are being sexual can put a stop sign to self-pleasure and lovemaking. 

Watch today's video above to learn what some of your blocks are so that we can then work out how to dissolve them. 

Lauren xo

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