Moving through your libido blocks e-course

Module #3: Antidotes


now that you know your blocks and you can down-regulate their stressful charge, it's time to bring in some antidotes...

Once you have identified your libido blocks and begun to breathe through them, you are better positioned to problem solve because you are in a more receptive state. Lots of people don't know that fear actually drops our IQ!

But I'm going to let you in on a little tip - so many of your antidotes to your blocks lie in the opposite of what is happening.

More specifically, everything you want to happen is usually the opposite of our block. 

What, what??

Watch today's video above to get clearer on your desires and then learn how you can use these insights to take a gentle action or two (because this is the last things blocks want..action). 

Lauren xo

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