Moving through your libido blocks e-course

Module #4: Activation


Here we are. I know you are ready to move from feeling blocked to feeling activated!

Let's recap..

You've identified - tick!

You've down-regulated - tick!

You've antidote'd - tick!

That can only mean that you are now ready for activation!

Now that you know what you know, it's important to discern between what blocks have GOT to go and what one's are maybe here to stay.

What I mean is, some feelings or physical sensations may be present for a long time so could you try tweaking how you feel about them and how you talk about them? This form of acceptance can be a game-changer for getting you closer to what it is that you want to feel.  

Watch today's video above to hear a client vignette about the power of mindset and acceptance. It could just be the medicine you need to move forward and fall in love with your intimate life.

Living a libidinous life doesn't have to mean drastic actions. What could you do today to move you closer to your antidotes? There is so much power in the small actions.

I know you have got this and you are so ready to step into being far less blocked and far more empowered!


Thank you for reaching the end of the Moving through your libido blocks course. I have no doubts that you gained some valuable insights into what is holding your libido back and how you can start taking action to move through some of your unique blocks to have you feeling more in control and empowered in your sexual and intimate life.

Lauren xo

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