Home exercises are recommended periodically so that you can get the most out of your Sexosophy coaching sessions. After all, moving towards enacting your sexual desires takes practice and energy! These are weaved throughout sessions and times with your stage of readiness in consultation with you. They allow the content of the sessions to have real-life applicability and the momentum of the coaching process to be sustained. Home exercises are given at the end of most sessions and ultimately empower you to make improvements and changes to your sexuality. They also permit the valuable session time to be used effectively so that you get the most out of our time together.

Naturally, new sexual practices can take some time to understand and feel in your body but can then be integrated seamlessly into self-pleasure and lovemaking with astounding results: more pleasure, intimacy and vibrancy that you have ever experienced. No matter where you are in your sexual unfolding, the insight from Sexosophy’s coaching and home exercises will help you to find and feel the desire and satisfaction you are searching for.