real time decompression.

one day group retreat - 3 SPOTS LEFT

 spring || october 20, 2019


Stress is the biggest threat to your libido.

Are you ready for that to change?

Are you willing to come down from stress + execution to see what you can feel underneath all that?

Because it’s in the underneath that your libido is hiding.

And the truth of this is liberating. Empowering.

Decompress is the one-day retreat curated to help you cultivate your very own way of giving yourself respite from the high-achiever mode so that you can experience the deep stirrings of your libido.


This is a call to you. Are you:

…a giver that struggles feeling comfortable receiving?

…constantly waiting for someone else to give you the green light to take time out and have space?

…going into intimacy (and staying) constantly in your head rather than being in your body?

…the woman that opts out of doing anything in groups but you secretly crave this primal human tradition?

I’m calling out to the women who are teetering on the edge - painfully separated from their magnetism.

The women that are ready to be liberated from the shackles of stress.

The women that get that they can’t keep going the way things are.

And above all, I’m calling out to the women who want to do this for themselves. By themselves.


Why you need decompress

You aren’t alone if you feel blocked with coming into a place of ease, comfort and chill whether on your own or with others. After all, you may well have been held back from being relaxed or completely present because you’ve been conditioned to think and act in a way that values that there is always something else to do. I mean, what would others think if you were just sitting around enjoying yourself and not being in execution mode, getting something done?

Potentially being seen as lazy is a genuine threat to all that you have strived so hard to achieve.

If you’ve read my book Permission, you’ll recall that the good girl identity has so many wonderful qualities yet her shadow side is to default to not speaking up for herself and causing a fuss. When your good girl identity persists well into womanhood, so much of your libido is left unacknowledged and all of those silent expectations that someone will meet your needs for you creates a lot of dissatisfaction.

When you don’t meet your own needs for space and decompressing, you are a shell of your truest potential.

You’ll become radiant when you allow yourself the space and time to step away from the repetitive, daily routine.

When high-achieving women give themselves solitude and nourishment, they actively change their blueprint: that part of them that has experienced their libido and life in a predictable way up until this point. Decompress will actively shift that blueprint to reveal a woman that values the exhale just as much as the inhale…

Here’s how the day will go…

Phase 1: Anchor In (Element - Greenery)

10am: We start in the lush Brisbane Botanical Gardens and do some gentle down-regulation in nature. By dropping down our anchor and planting our feet on the earth as soon as possible, we powerfully release the pressure valve we didn’t know we were holding. It is here you’ll learn my favourite moving meditation that I call upon 3 times a week (and no one knows you’re doing it!) With pure greenery as our backdrop, the focus is on being in our bodies by gently getting out of our heads and into our hearts.

Phase 2: Demystifying the dance of your nervous system and libido (Element - Inner Sanctuary)

11am: We then move to a stunning indoor yoga studio nearby so that you can learn all about coming into your body in + out of intimacy, getting comfortable with receiving, being in the optimal zone for your libido to move into allowing + surrender and all my most select teachings about the female libido and nervous system.

1230pm: Catered Lunch break

Phase 3: Introspection + pledging to decompress (Element - Inner Sanctuary)

1pm: Now that you have learnt and understood all about your own rhythms and intrinsic nature, it’s time to delve deep into truly giving yourself permission to periodically come down from high-achiever mode. We look ahead to what is sustainable for you and how all of newfound wisdom can be integrated into your personal, real world life. After all, this is about more than one day. This is about harnessing your libido for life.

Phase 4: Embodying decompression (Element - Water)

2pm - 345pm: Water is the most powerful element that promotes decompressing. For our final phase, we luxuriate at Aquarius Spa Bathhouse to amplify the hum of our libido and to truly embody the down-regulation we have been installing throughout the day. Dark chocolate + sweet berries await us by the pool. This part is really special - you need this warmth.

345pm: Close. The final 15 minutes together allow us to wade in the collective power of being in turn on (as opposed to our usual default of switched on) and ensures you walk away with that luscious feeling for as long as possible…

The Details

Sunday 20th October 10am -4pm.

Decompress will be held in Brisbane CBD and finer details will be given to attendees upon confirmation of your booking.


Investment is $327 super early bird (before August 31), $347 from September 1st and $397 from October 1st.

Payment includes attendance to the full day retreat, catered lunch and bathhouse admission. GST is included in the pricing.

A private Decompress Facebook group is open to participants to ask questions and process after attending the retreat.

This is what Angie had to say about Decompress:

Before Decompress I felt like something was wrong with me. Surely, as a 27 year old woman I would be keen to have sex all the time, right? But I didn’t and that made me feel shitty about myself.

During Decompress I was able to connect with the other beautiful women who, although older and in different life situations, were experiencing similar issues. It was comforting to be vulnerable together and to open up to each other and connect.

Now, I feel at ease within myself and I am hopeful that I can make positive changes to my sex life and become more present in the bedroom.
— Angie, Brisbane


With a maximum of 4 women in our group, we are able to:

  • Explore everything on the other side of high-achieving habits, depletion, people pleasing and frustration.

  • Realign the imbalance of too much chatter in your head and not enough expression emanating from your body.

  • Bond over our shared desires and map out how we can translate them to our real world lives.

  • Dissolve the tendency of showing up frazzled to ensure everyone else is comfortable and start expressing your needs as they arise.


Together is the only way for any of us to hit our maximum potential, to live in the deepest corners of our dreams and desires. To step boldly into our radiance and inspire other women by being a model of turn-on. It’s the most wonderful construct: your desires will set me free, and mine will set you free.
— Regina Thomashauer in Pussy: A Reclamation

decompress is for you if you:

  • Are open to participation, even if you feel shy, inhibited and lack confidence.

  • Identify as an introvert - we will be vacillating between opening up and gently closing on a personal level over the course of the day (hint: this is what our nervous system wants us to do naturally).

  • Possess a keen interest in learning about what makes you you

  • Have a curiosity about your libido and femininity, even if you feel like your head and body don’t “get” it

  • Are willing to shed the dogma and rules that have governed your insatiable need to be productive and ticking boxes

  • Are tired of living in a lacklustre way. You are wondering: where is the deep comfort of living in my personal truth?

  • Have denied yourself the chance to be apart of a group of women but you secretly really yearn for this


Your problem isn’t that you aren’t sexual enough.

Your problem is that you don’t know how to access your sexual power.

— Lauren White, Permission


Why you can feel safe in your most vulnerable disclosure with me:


But you don’t need to do all of the retreats, tertiary education and 1:1 sessions that I have to get to the point of owning your sexuality. I have condensed all of that wisdom down into Decompress so that you don’t have to put all that time, effort and cash in. My own journey of coming down into decompressing despite worrying what everyone else thinks has been challenging. But the more I prioritise this as not only a need but a source of pleasure, the more natural it is.

The more I decompress, the more I own the truth: I am a sexual woman.

And I want you to be able to say this too.

This is what Maria had to say about Decompress:

Decompress stood out to me as something I wanted to participate in for myself. I was nervous at the start but Lauren made us all feel welcomed and relaxed. The day had a beautiful, honest flow with each segment building on the previous. Lauren’s knowledge is amazing and she has so much care and support to give.

I learned to listen more to myself and how to find areas to work on for further improving my libido. Some beautiful goals are set.

Our day was filled with emotion, grounding, dance, beautiful food, laughter and learning, and best of all - warm water. I leave invigorated and curious.
— Maria, Brisbane

Here’s what I can promise you…

  • Transparency: I will shed a complete light on what works and what doesn’t when it comes to giving your libido permission to open and thrive

  • A sense of belonging as you absorb the shared group wisdom

  • Real world sex + life advice in everyday language

  • Genuine connection with other women

  • Ownership. No more thrusting the responsibility of your needs on to others. When your needs and skill set are in partnership, you are making a declaration and declarations allow desires to become your reality.

  • Personalised support and your questions answered throughout the Decompress day.



The Details

Sunday 20th October 10am -4pm.

Decompress will be held in Brisbane CBD and finer details will be given to attendees upon confirmation of your booking.


Investment is $327 super early bird (before August 31st), $347 from September 1st and $397 from October 1st.

Payment includes attendance to the full day retreat, catered lunch and bathhouse admission. GST is included in the pricing.

A private Decompress Facebook group is open to participants to ask questions and process after attending the retreat.

The pool at Aquarius Health + Medispa Brisbane

The pool at Aquarius Health + Medispa Brisbane



+ Why a group retreat?

Women flourish when they have other women as allies. The longer women try to exist without other women, the harder their hearts get. When we choose to remain in ongoing contact, we forge bonds and feel safe. All of my deepest learnings have taken place in the presence of other women and I am elated to be able to offer this to 4 special women who seek change and say yes.

+ When and where is the retreat?

Decompress will be happening near a full moon (great for intention setting). It is held in 3 close-by spaces in Brisbane CBD. Specific locations will be given to applicants on booking Decompress in the pre-retreat information pack.

+ What exactly will we do in Decompress?

Ahhh I know you want a play-by-play to put your mind at ease but I'm going to tell your busy mind something else...mind - there is nothing you can anticipate or prepare for. All you and body need to do is turn up and you'll be given guidance and instructions as you need them. The outline is all you need right now. Trust me on this one.

+ What do I need to do to get ready before we start?

You'll be given all the details you need to prepare for the day on securing your place.

+ Will I get any 1:1 time with Lauren?

You will certainly have my attention and support throughout this day but deep, 1.1 discussions are not possible due to the nature and timeframe of Decompress. If you need further personalised support, committing to a 1.1 process after the retreat day is recommended.

+ Decompress is not for you if...

You are seeking a passive learning experience where you listen and stay quiet (hey, this is sometimes all you need). I’m looking for women who are at a point in their lives where they value the healing, growth and clarity that comes from turning up and sharing, even when it feels daunting or anxiety provoking.


This is what Rhi had to say about Decompress:

Decompress was an invigorating and empowering day connecting with myself, Lauren and the other women. The day has been very healing and has given me lots of motivation to make some changes to my life to be able to down-regulate more often.

I realised that while I live a very social life, those conversations aren’t necessarily deep. They also don’t have space for introspection like being together and sharing in a group of women does.

I now have some tools to incorporate into every day life to better look after myself.
— Rhi, Brisbane

So, are you ready to fully start giving yourself permission to decompress in sex, intimacy and life?


I think we’ll weave pure magic together.

I can’t wait to meet you.

Lauren xo