When looking for confidential and professional assistance with your personal concerns, sexuality counselling is a great first step. Talking about your sexual philosophy (Sexosophy) means that you can safely start exploring your sexual desires. It is from this point on that you begin to witness the flow-on effect to your personal relationships, self-esteem and the other facets of your life. Sexosophy counselling provides you with the space to talk about and focus on your sexual experiences and future goals with ease. Utilising proven techniques and a client-centred approach, a combination of counselling and coaching methods are drawn upon to provide you with the interventions and suggestions you need at different points in your journey. This fluidity in Sexosophy’s counselling process permits for an individualised style that is inclusive of feedback, personalised guidance and practical and usable suggestions.

Sexosophy sex coaching and counselling allows for flexibility in the periodicity of sessions and is ultimately psychoeducational so that you can begin to understand how your thoughts and feelings are influencing your behaviours. Momentum of your counselling experience is maintained with informative factsheets and email contact in-between sessions so that you get the most out of exploring these new parts of yourself. With Sexosophy sexuality counselling, you are guided through a process of holistic healing so that you can begin to enjoy and look forward to a satisfying sex life.