Trying to conceive, pregnancy, giving birth and then recovering from the birth are all big milestones and are inevitably very personal and individual experiences for women. With all of the changes that take place within your body, even the idea of sex can feel incompatible with the myriad commitments and obligations that demand your attention now that a baby is part of your life.

After giving birth, women can go have changes in their sexual desire, levels of sexual arousal, lubrication, sensation, ability to have an orgasm and may even begin to experience pain with sex. Resuming sex after giving birth often needs to be treated sensitively and cautiously, not only because of how your body physically recovers but how you are feeling emotionally and energetically. This can be a prolonged process and it can be helpful to graduate back into sex rather than coerce our bodies into being able to do what was possible before falling pregnant.

Sex doesn’t have to stop or decline in frequency when children enter our lives; it just merely calls for us to be more creative about the ways that we approach our own sexuality and the sex life that we have with our partners. If you and your partner are ready to resume sex after giving birth but are encountering difficulties then why not explore how you can adjust your sexuality to this new phase of life with a qualified female sexologist?