Commonly Asked Questions

Who attends sex coaching and why?

Women seek out sex coaching because they know that there is more to their dissatisfying and predictable sex life. They come to me because they know all too well what they don’t like and don’t want from sex and are now prepared to address the question of well, what do I like and what do I want from sex?

They might start out by saying that they aren’t sexual or don’t have a libido or can’t orgasm but soon these limiting concepts are shifted into new perspectives so that they can embrace a new, juicer mindset and sex life.

Starting with the facets of what hasn’t gone well so far in the initial talk session means that we can really begin to collaborate and proposition what you might enjoy and what to explore when it comes to sex. Usually, sexual concerns, being unsure or indecisive, problems with communication and other relationship conflicts are all jumbled up together and sessions permit each issue to be extracted and given focus where needed.

What do session package prices include?

My offerings are put together into packages so that you get the most out of this life-changing process. This includes:

+a 15-20 minute initial phone consult to connect and assess your needs

+email follow-up for to support you in-between sessions

+access to my exclusive online erotic education video library and books from my collection that address your concerns

+personalised fact sheets

How can I pay for my package?

Packages include GST and processing fees. Payments are required before your package commences and can be settled via EFT or PayPal.

What session times do I have available?

Lauren is available for sex coaching sessions with women in the Brisbane Northside office and offers Skype sessions for women that reside in other locations.

Session times: Wednesday 6pm to 9pm

                            Friday 9am to 5pm

Where do you work from?

I work in complete privacy at my home office on Brisbane's northside. Quiet, serene and completely confidential, my unique space provides me with great flexibility with session times and no unwanted noise or intrusion from other tenants. 

There is so much information out there about sex. Why don’t I just buy a book or read about it online instead?

I hear you! We have so much information freely available so why do we need sex coaches and therapists these days? Yet with the proliferation of technology, images and film mediums, I’m noticing that people are:

-receiving mixed messages

-absorbing information from a technical perspective rather than a heartfelt one

-plain confused by how you can hold a book and try a new sex position

-having trouble integrating realistic sexuality practices into their lives

-increasingly seeking connecting via technology and avoiding face-to-face or heart-to-heart interactions

Humans will always need connection and a space to be heard and that’s why sex coaching can’t be substituted with anything via a screen (unless it’s a Skype session of course!). The other thing is that we do the most personal reflection when we choose to do a process because knowledge changes from ‘I know’ to ‘I am’. There is a big divide between what we understand and what we embody and there is inherent value in activating this knowledge with a facilitator as it moves you ahead of where you would be if you did this alone – just like studying, sports, music or creative arts. We all need some structure or a framework so that we can see progression and feel we are learning and this is what distinguishes sex coaching from words on a page.

What methods do you use?

I enjoy weaving several modalities together so that my offerings remain flexible with clients and their individual needs and interests. A session may include: body awareness exercises, movement, sexual communication skills, breathwork, simple role-play, use of diagrams and models and embodiment teachings. I work with the mantra of engage, study, activate so that information is tangible and useful – especially important concepts for sex so we aren’t fumbling in the dark doing the same old things.

How many sessions do you advise?

Women that want to work with me attend a minimum of 4 sessions as per my baseline package. Why? Because giving yourself 4.5 hours of sex coaching is a realistic commitment that allows you to see yourself and your attitudes towards your own sexuality start to evolve. When women attend for 4 or more sessions, they say yes to themselves by feeling the fear and vulnerability with opening up and putting words to blockages and desires, adopting new practices and trying out new approaches at home. Returning to sessions provides feedback so that you don’t feel disheartened or isolated. After all, exploring your sexuality is unlikely to be a linear process and will ebb and flow as you grow. Without this natural progression, we wouldn’t learn!

What if I want sessions to end before we agreed?

I work with a first, do no harm philosophy. Your authentic consent is paramount in the sex coaching process and I check-in with you around this on a regular basis as so many women have not had this opportunity to speak up in day-to-day life and sex itself. If you genuinely feel that no change is coming about from attending sessions, then I will honour that and we can complete the process when you say. However, if your no is coming from a place of fear and ‘it’s all too hard’, I encourage us both to speak to that because here’s the thing…that’s when change starts to occur. I witness courage when women say ‘this is hard/challenging/scary’ and they come back again because it is only when we meet this edge that you can break-through.

Who is Lauren and why should I choose her?

Have you ever met one of those people that are so passionate about what they are doing that they get very excitable when their speciality topic arises? Well, that’s me! I love embodying, practicing and sharing pearls around what makes female sexuality so sacred, giving, luscious and ecstatic. I am a helper at heart and am a pioneer in the budding field of Sexology – it is why I am here and I intend to keep pursuing wisdom in both the fields of academia and somatic sexology to transmute this to women.

Women choose me because they feel safe and see very quickly that I get it. They love the follow and lead process I offer in rich sessions that make room for expression and integration. They learn about the connection between their minds and their bodies so that they can be more present during sex rather than looking outside for something magical to do it for them.

On a personal note, I am a sex geek in my head and a sexual goddess in my body (and you are too!) Whether reading my Advice Blog or perusing the About Lauren page, you’re sure to find out more about my style and unique approach to female sexuality. There’s so much I want to share with you!

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