Have you ever felt like your sexual functioning has been adequate throughout your life but something is missing? You think that more might be possible and you are at a point where sex feels a little stale. You might know how to orgasm, what to do sexually with yourself and others but you sense that it is time to go a little deeper.

Sex coaching sessions are available for you to set the compass at where you want to start exploring your personal sexuality and sexosophy, be it through orgasmic meditation, pleasure objects, literature, Tantra, dance, BDSM, retreats, orgasmic yoga or Taoism…there is a lot more out there than vanilla sex!

Making sexual changes needn’t be daunting or scary. Exploring your sexuality can be fun! Pushing your own limits and opening up can mean the start of other possibilities such as increased confidence, an improved body image, clearer communication skills and more passionate sexual relationships.

Don’t spend time and money trying to work it all out – attend a sex coaching session and find out what will best suit your needs and desires with the assistance of a qualified female sexologist.