Women aren't present in sex. Full stop.

We are still caught up in everything that has happened today, last week, last month and then we are constantly anticipating what's about to happen. So when we are in the bedroom, there isn't a lot...happening. 

The antidote?

Mindset work, breathwork and presencing. I'll demystify and simplify these concepts for you so that you can incorporate these benefits into daily life. I will help you to transform your approach to stressful, emotional and sexual situations by coming back to the basics of breath and the present moment. Surprisingly, this can have a profound impact on how we approach everyday conflicts; reconnects us with our values and needs and permits us to release what does not serve us well, such as anxiety, fear, numbness and certain expectations. When we regain a steady state of being, we begin to let go and become far more attuned to what we need and want.

Being in the safe space of a coaching session means that you can question what you really desire and it is then that you begin to untangle the confusion that is steering you away from the authentic sexuality inside you. Breathwork, mindfulness and visualisation practices are no longer foreign to the western world and are now being embraced as effective means to bring a balance of peace, calm and renewed energy to the complex lives we live today. Techniques recommended within sessions are for use in both sexual and non-sexual situations and are seamlessly intertwined with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) principles.