Body image issues determine how a lot of women live out their lives and influence a lot of important decisions. It isn’t just about what we eat or what we wear, it is about how comfortable we are in our own skin and how present we are with ourselves and with other people. For some women, this means that they are constantly living in a way that seeks relief from anxiety and worry about their body. With nudity and sexual expression being vulnerable parts of our selves, it is no surprise that women can dread these experiences and make attempts to avoid them.   

Negative perceptions of the body, extreme distress about appearance, binge eating, starvation, purging, restricted eating, repeated checking of particular body parts, excessive exercise and avoidance of seeing or dealing with sexual anatomy or genitals are experiences that most women have felt and overcome. Unfortunately for some women, these habits and behaviours can persist for the duration of their lives and flow on to affect their sexuality and their personal relationships.

A healthier view of your body and a more caring relationship with it is possible. Your body and sexuality crave understanding and expression and it is often through modern day shortcuts that we attempt to get closer to it yet this only creates more distance.  

Each female body is unique and beautiful. Sexosophy sex coaching sessions foster your individuality and natural means of deepening your relationship with your body, regardless of its appearance and shape.