We can't talk about sex without bringing in the body! I'll be bringing body awareness exercises in from session 2 so that you can start to tap into the greater bliss in your body that is your right as a human. Sex is all about the body but all too often the mind can step in and determine the type of sex we have. If this pattern is sustained, the body’s messages and signals can be missed and neglected. My body awareness exercises are carefully introduced when you are feeling disconnected from your body. Some of the exercises take place in session (clothes on) and some are recommended as home exercises.

When you experience and adapt these teaching for yourself, you can begin to enjoy the luxurious joy of your own life force, your sexual energy, streaming through your body. This energy will often help us to find more fulfilment in our lives. To do this, you need to be aware of your own responses when you practice and to take from them what you need and to make them your own. The body awareness exercises help you to refine the quality and quantity of your sexual energy and from learning and practice come a natural ability to listen to and navigate your sexuality. They are rich and powerful but flexible enough to energise you or to help relieve emotional stress or disconnection in minutes and help you to access who you really are, not what problems you have. 

I'll provide you with a safe space for your body to reconnect so that you can clear all the crap and call in the pleasure.