Lights on. Turned on. Untamed.

Presence. Interest.

Lost in the moment.

Needs and preferences met.

Aroused. Confident. You.






But too often, we can feel trapped by the plethora of stuff cramping our style - kids, pets, commitments, self-doubts – and feel stuck with a boring, barely-semi-regular perfunctory sex life that couldn't light a piece of paper if you handed it a match.


Woman, it’s time to liberate your sex life.




It’s no secret that I want you to have a sexier holiday season this time around. Chances are, if you get any time off, you’ll be spending more time with your partner and that means, more chances of intimacy (and dare I say, more pressure?) And nothing shows what is really going on in a relationship like a LOT of time together.

 So many of the women I see in sessions have worked out ALL the ways they can avoid sex, from going to bed super early, to pretending to be asleep, to saying they have their period (when they don’t)…staying in avoidance works…until it doesn’t work. By the time women come to sessions, they realise how much effort they are putting into avoiding sex. 

Effort that could have been placed into having sex (and enjoying it). 

We have to get solid on the foundations of our sex and intimate life first. We can’t skip ahead to wanting explosive orgasms or moments of deep devotion with our partners if our struggle starts before we even get into the bedroom. 

So many courses focus on orgasms and upping the pleasure but I’m going to be real with you…


What we need before orgasms and pleasure is comfort and confidence.  

That’s where Bedroom Basics comes in.


Sure, Bedroom Basics is about sex ... but it is also about:


Your problem isn't that you aren't sexual enough.

Your problem is that you don't know how to access your sexual power. Yet.

Let me guide you.

Bedroom Basics is currently underway and will re-open in 2019.

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Every woman who signs-up to Bedroom Basics will be given the link to join the secret group so you can participate in the live calls and keep being supported by me!


+ When is Bedroom Basics starting?

Registrations for Bedroom Basics will open on Monday 12th November. Bedroom Basics will start on Monday 19th November and will continue for 4 consecutive weeks.

+ How will Bedroom Basics be delivered?

Bedroom Basics is a drip fed eCourse which means you will receive a new module each week over the span of 4 weeks. Each Monday during the 4 weeks you will receive an email with a link to the new module. Each module is made up of various content – video, transcripts and worksheets. Once the eCourse is finished you will continue to have lifetime access to the content. Every woman who signs up will be given the opportunity to join the scret Facebook group to provide a space to discuss, comment and ask questions so that I can assist you with the content and any problems you face. The once-weekly live calls will take place on: Thursday 22nd Nov 7pm AEST / Thursday 29th Nov 7pm AEST / Thursday 6th Dec 7pm AEST and Thursday 13th Dec 7pm AEST.

+ What is included in the course?

Each module contains 2 videos (length of approximately 10 minutes each video), a downloadable transcript of the videos and a downloadable guidebook (all beautifully designed - not just your stock standard word doc!) to explore the content further and geek out on questions. The course includes access to me via the secret group and weekly live calls (which you can watch at a later time if you can't attend)

+ Who is this course for?

This course is for women that feel disconnected from sex and their sexuality - who know that there is more to learn and that feeling receptive to sex and open to intimacy is possible but just can't seem to get there on their own. In a world full of high voltage Tantra techniques that can feel quite alienating, I felt called to cover the basics by answering the questions that women ask me in sessions and workshops : How do I be present in sex? How do I initiate sex? How do I hold my body in sex? How do I use touch in and out of sex? They are all excellent questions and when I was asked them, I was surprised that it was challenging to find concrete answers in texts and courses - so naturally, I had to write and create them myself!

+ Will I get to work 1.1 with Lauren?

Unfortunately not. You will however get access to a secret Bedroom Basics group which will allow you to connect with your fellow ecourse participants. Lauren will also be answering questions in the group and on the weekly live videos.

+ What outcomes do you guarantee?

When you complete the course and implement the skills, I am certain you will see an improvement in your feelings about your sexuality and sex life. But it's also tough love time: you have to actually DO and try what I recommend based on my 7 years of being a sexologist. I have collated all my wisdom to give you the best possible chance of renewing your relationship with your sexual mind, body and spirit. The rest is up to you! I can't guarantee it will revolutionise your life (although it has an excellent probability) but I stand by the quality of my core messages that are conveniently backed by science.

Important note: The course content is delivered assuming that your intimate relationship (should you be in one) is free of violence, coercion (force) and abuse and that it is not nearing serious separation. The information that is shared in Bedroom Basics works under the assumption that women are in a relationship that fosters love, safety, caring and mutual respect.

+ I'm hesitating. I just need that little push to take the leap...

I get it. I'll tell you a story to answer this very real possibility that you are teetering on the edge of saying yes. Many moons ago, I started my sexual exploration in a BIG way. Instead of doing a private, low cost, low risk e-course (like...say, Bedroom Basics) I committed to a premium tertiary degree that had exceptionally high expectations and was located on the other side of the country. Am I glad I did Sexology? Yup. Do I regret spending somewhere around $50k on my sexuality through all of my investments over the last 7 years? Nope! I'll say to you now what I say to myself before I take a big leap :: Nothing changes if nothing changes. It's the truth. Your sex life probably isn't going to go through some miraculous improvement with no new learning or life development. If you see you and your partner in it for the long haul, your sex life is in it for the long haul as well and simply avoiding it altogether is not going to get you closer to them or to yourself. And if you're not in a relationship at this point in time, what will be different in the next relationship you enter? What patterns in sex need to be broken and mended? What's changed for me through everything I've learnt? Let's just say A LOT (ask my husband who's seen me through my transformation...or don't, that's just an option). Instead of avoiding, not really getting sex, letting my sexual energy spill out into relationships that weren't any good for me; I now know how to access and channel all the good stuff inside and to use it in ways that serve me. When I get stuck and blocked in sex, I know how to get out of the heap. I know when and how to initiate and when and how to say no if I need to (it's not that often but life happens). So, now I'll ask you... if you don't do Bedroom Basics LIVE, what will you do?

+ Are there any refunds?


let’s make this the last holiday season where you are constantly trying to get out of having sex!

I’ll see you soon.