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Amplified is currently underway and will return in August 2017. I have no doubt that this will be a sell out second time around so sign up to my newsletter on the homepage or at the bottom of this page to be the first to know when applications open and you will be privy to a very exclusive offer...

Amplified is the group program curated to help you cultivate a new mindset, feelings, language and voice when it comes to sex.

This is a call to…

+the givers that don't know how to receive

+those of you that can only bear sex in the dark

+those of you that say yes to placate your partner and use sex as a bargaining chip for less bickering and more harmony

+the women that repel doing anything in groups but secretly crave this experience

It's for the women who know they have a voice but struggle to raise its volume. The women that are ready to be amplified.

So many women feel blocked with speaking up because they have been conditioned to conform to what everyone else expects of them. Women are still trapped by the good girl identity that shadows them and tells them not to speak up and not cause a fuss. When the good girl identity persists well into womanhood, so much of a woman’s libido is left unacknowledged and all of those silent expectations create a lot of dissatisfaction. When this happens, women are a shell of their truest potential.

Truth. The antidote is in your voice.

I see so many women leave their sexuality as the final piece of their personal awakening when it is our sexuality that unlocks every other component – boundaries, authenticity, permission, sensuality, body love, heart opening, speaking up, affection, gratitude, power, wildness, clarity and above all…freedom.

Amplified is for you if you:

+Are open to participation, even if you feel shy, inhibited and lack confidence.

+Possess a keen interest in learning about what makes you you

+Have a curiosity about your sexuality, even if you don’t get it

+Are willing to shed the dogma and rules that have governed your sex life

+Are tired of living in a lacklustre way. You are wondering where is the pleasure and truth?

+Have denied yourself the chance to be apart of a group/tribe/club of women but you secretly really want this.


A woman’s sexuality is her strongest vulnerability, yet she often treats it with the least amount of tenderness.


Here’s what I can promise you:

+Transparency: I will shed a complete light on what works and what doesn’t

+A noticeable confidence boost as you embody the shared group wisdom

+Real world sex advice in everyday language

+Genuine connection with other women

+Ownership. No more thrusting the responsibility of your pleasure on to others. When your desires and voice are in partnership, you are making a declaration and declarations allow desires to manifest.

+Personalised support and all your questions answered through the forum and final 1:1 session

Amplified is returning August 2017. Sign-up to my newsletter now to be the first to know when applications are open again.