You BELONG - even when you have a low libido

Hey there,

I know what it feels like to not belong. I know what it feels like to be in a variety of situations where every part inside of you is clamouring - to leave, to cry, to run away, to curl up in a ball and just WISH that everything was easy.

I made this video for my Instagram followers the other night and it really hit home.

In it, I share how I twist around not feeling like I belong to ensuring that I belong…to myself.

Because you are your longest relationship.

And if you are constantly going through life, trying to secure approval from other people then your libido will remain at a standstill. You have to know you and approve of you first and foremost for you to be a sexual person (which you are by the way!)

When you belong to yourself, you are primed to move into ownership, alignment and sovereignty - which just so happen to be the 3 elements you need to become your own permission granter (this is all contained in my beautiful book Permission).

Watch You Belong now:

I’m going to leave you with something the incredible sex educator Emily Nagoski said in one of her TED talks. She says:

When people ask ‘Am I normal?’ what they are really asking is ‘Do I belong?’

You belong. I belong.

Lauren xo

P.P.S. I created my one day retreat Decompress to hold the space for 4 women who feel like they don’t belong in a space with other women. Decompress is the safest way to ease into feeling like you belong - I assure you, my clients are struggling with the same issues: depletion, people pleasing, not knowing their likes + preferences, not being able to relax… the high achiever mode is what we all have in common. Come. Learn how to truly come into your body in the presence of like-minded women and start to feel how those threads move into the bedroom. If we can’t come down, we can’t turn on.