Why you need to stop worrying when you are in sex


It strikes all of my clients at some stage.

And I get it. I really do.

It’s my mission to get women out of worry and into presence in sex. Too much time is wasted on energy going outwards - fretting about what is happening with our partners experience.

No more.

Watch this one and I assure you, I’m going to keep on speaking about this and giving you really practical suggestions.

Lauren xo

P.S. It’s time to drop the worry and the anxiety and the fretting and the stressing - all these states are incompatible with getting into that lush body of yours. If you need to clear out the worry, re-jig the mindset and feel a whole lot better about the space you are worthy of taking up in the bedroom then come talk to me! We all know what happens in worry…know what we want to know is: what happens when you don’t have to worry about worry anymore?? Book in now.