The power of underwear (and no underwear)

I recently posted on social media about purchasing some pants that absorb your menstrual blood, which I've been circling for a long time but I didn't need because I had been pregnant and then postpartum and it felt like everyone was very curious about these pants so I thought I'd talk to you today about your cycle (if you cycle) and the power of pants that can help you during that time of the month and then what to do the rest of the month from a sexologist’s perspective.

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So I've got some of the Thinx pants here – these are the hiphuggers (shown in the video or see the pic below), which are for heavy days. So when I had my period recently, I wore these pants for the heavy days and then I have a pair of pants that I wore thanks for the lighter days. These pants are a little bit of an investment because they are antimicrobial, they absorb any fluids from your body and they keep you dry.

Wearing them wasn’t too strange an experience but the first few moments were a little bit ‘oh – it’s OK I don’t have to worry about not wearing anything because I am wearing my Thinx pants'. I felt very comfortable in them ever since having my second baby in particular, because I had vaginal deliveries I am far less of a fan of using anything I needed to insert so Thinx were a good option for me. Some women reached out and suggested a Luna cup or menstrual cup and the idea doesn’t appeal at this stage of my physical healing and sexual journey. I just wanted to use something where I could free-flow.

Thinx period pants.jpg

So, use the hiphuggers for heavy days. Unfortunately for me, what ended up happening on day 2, which is a notoriously heavy day for lots of women, was they did leak a little bit. My flow was in full force and it was about an hour or so into wearing them that I noticed that they did not live up to their promise of being leak proof but I don’t want that to deter you from using them altogether. When my next cycle comes around, I am going to use these on the heavy days with a pad (and I am going to use a pad overnight as well).

Thinx are an excellent investment and I am really excited about going to the supermarket and not having to buy anything for a really long time because they are really hardy and they will keep on keeping on for a while (just make sure you pop them in a laundry bag when you wash them). It cost me AU$130 for four pairs of Thinx period pants. I already love them and value them and I advise you to get some. (I filmed this 4 months ago and still feel the same way!)

Bonus tip that I didn't mention in the video is that you can soak your Thinx pants in some warm water and then use the potent menstrual blood water in your garden. This keeps another nice cycle going in nature rather than losing that nutrient dense blood to landfill.

Now to NOT wearing underwear...

What I do through the rest of my cycle is I don’t wear underwear very often anymore and if you’ve been on my list for a while and received my goodies then you will be well aware of a common thread of not wearing underwear as a form of action. When I read Pussy: A Reclamation by Regina Thomashauer, (AKA Mama Gena), she recommended doing a pants free Friday, which I started off with at the end of 2016 and I found I just wanted to do it more and more often. Being pants free is really liberating, it makes me feel very confident. It also works as an act against having to conform. Wearing underpants is just something that happens on autopilot for me and I was starting to question why I had to wear them and I worked out – I don’t have to wear them (der).

I feel more open and there is more space for my sexual anatomy to breathe and when there is more space I feel more luscious and connected and drawn to the idea of something sexual happening within my own body. These are the really subtle things that make a difference in as to how connected you feel sexually and connected to your body. The deeper meaning behind not wearing underpants is about letting go of shame and letting go of the idea that everything sexual inside you needs to be covered up or held behind some sort of protective layer, so for me it’s about shedding another layer that I don’t actually need. So I still wear them every now and again but far less so – it’s a tip I give to women and it’s a tip I give to you today: The power of using special underwear during your menstrual phase and power of wearing no underwear throughout the rest of your cycle.

Is there anything holding you back from doing this or any reservations that you might have, whether its just conditioning or habit? 

I’ll tell you what, I’m happy to walk through the underwear department and go actually this is isn’t something that I need. We all have spent so much on underwear and so many women have such cluttered underwear drawers that are full of crap that doesn’t actually last or is actually not very good for our sexual and reproductive health to have these inks, dyes and fabrics so close to our sexual anatomy. More to the point, some of the more beautiful underwear I have bought is fricken uncomfortable! It can be so uncomfortable that I am sitting there and it is riding up me and I am thinking, this isn’t really helping me to feel connected to my sexual anatomy right now! 

That’s a question you can ask yourself: is this underwear or is this lack of underwear, helping me to feel more connected to my sexuality right now? and see what comes up.

So, these are some of the ways I tap into confidence - wearing period pants when I am bleeding and the other way is not wearing underwear during the rest of the cycle and feeling free in my body. Kind of like free-balling it…or free-ovarying it (I’ll work on a catchphrase for that).

Let me know how you get on and how you feel about period pants!

Lauren xo

Why do I talk about menstrual cycles so much? I believe they are an essential gateway to learning more about our cyclical natures as women. Far too many of my clients have been burnt by side-effects from hormonal based contraceptives and are eager to learn how they can live with their cycle rather than up against it. Keep your eyes peeled for my upcoming blog in 2018 about syncing sex with your cycle - it is so liberating!