Permission to be a mum and sexual

Today I went on Facebook LIVE with Jen Dugard from Body Beyond Baby to talk all things mamahood (all stages) and...well, sex, intimacy, communication, libido and sex!

It’s all free for you on Facebook HERE!!


We talked aboooout (and I got the following questions):

+What is usually the trigger for a mum to decide to come and see me

+We hear so many stories of tired mums that just don't want to have sex anymore, do you think this is more an adjustment phase, life with a newborn or is there more to it than that?

+Do you think women in general are aware of embracing their sexuality?

+What role to our partners play in our sexual journey, is it more about getting to know self first or can they be part of the whole journey?

+How could a woman talk to her partner if she is feeling a certain way toward her sexuality?

+Pleasure ~ comes in so many forms, does it have to always mean sex?

+What are 3 simple things that our mums can do today (or over the next couple of days) to begin to re-awaken her sexuality?

In short...we covered a tonne in our time together and I would love your little ears to have a listen!

Jump on Facebook and go straight HERE!

Let me know if you get any downloads or if this one stirred anything up in you...

Lauren xo