You need to part with your MONEY to gain your SEXUALITY.

I am a sexual woman.

I am a sexual woman who has spent $50k on my sexuality.

(At least).

Yes. You need to exchange one to receive the other. It isn’t tawdry. It is necessary.

Here’s why.

 Money and sex are both about giving and receiving. Both can be fleeting. Both generate pleasure.

In order to be a good lover you need to feel comfortable giving and receiving money. A tight arse with money is going to have issues letting go in sex. Anxiety about money, which buys us so many pleasures, makes for anxiety about sexual pleasure. It creates a systemic scarcity mentality in that the concept of there isn’t enough reigns.

Scarcity and poverty mindset makes for stress which inhibits pleasure.

Our feelings about sex and money are completely intertwined. Physically, the energetic space (chakra) in your body that represents money and the energetic space that represents sex are next-door neighbours. When you feel limited or blocked about money, your sexuality will feel the burn of this. All the good stuff gets stuck before it can flow up and out.

 Just because sexuality is natural doesn’t mean it’s free.

Sure, a book from the library free of cost might fire-start a solo sexual revolution but it will only serve as a catalyst. It won’t take you through the juicy middle or be there to cheer you through to the end.

Women need to explore their sexuality in the presence of other women. You don’t need to have lots of money to have a great sex life; you just need to know where to spend it. It is in the space of other women that we feel less alone, see the parallels and turn competition into community.

Your money is a form of energy that gains you access to what you want. It has no feelings about you but you have feelings about it.

I have never regretted a single cent I spent on my sexuality because it is my highest value. Unlocking your sexuality is a fast track to all personal growth work. When you go to your sexuality, all the other stuff falls into place.

When you put your money into something, you are declaring that it is important to you. If you want to take your sexuality seriously, invest in it with serious money.

There are plenty of free resources about sex out there but I believe your sexuality is an instrument; nay orchestra that deserves the best your money can buy. Below are some ideas as to what’s available to you from no cost to a significant investment. In the spirit of my approach to female sexuality, I have focused on processes that shift your sexuality rather than products that enhance your sex life.

+Books: great as conversation starters; to supplement coaching sessions or workshops and to create an opening to your sexuality but on their own have limitations. Did you do the exercises? Nope, I didn’t either! $

+Online courses: like books but courses usually have some videos and cater to the different types of learning. Did you do the exercises? $-$$

+Groups, circles and retreats: you can’t hide and that is a good thing. Plus, you are able to connect to others stories in real time. You actually have to do the work together which is far more encouraging. Doing this work in a group is great for curbing the “I’ll do it later” procrastinating mentality. $$-$$$

+1:1 sessions: the crème de la crème. Perfect for a prescribed approach to your personal concerns. Having specialised exercises at a unique pace is a great bonus. It’s potent and it works. $$-$$$ 

Invest in your sexuality and you will see the return in other areas of your life.

With sex issues consistently being cited as a primary reason for relationship breakdown, it begins to look really tight not spending anything on a part of yourself that is with you forever.

A part of you that is more valuable than stuff.


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Lauren xo