Intimacy after pregnancy loss, stillbirth and miscarriage

There are topics within sex that aren’t easy but they are important. And common.

Until I met Lauren, I didn’t know 2000 women in Australia experienced stillbirth every year. And countless others experience pregnancy loss at other stages or pregnancy. It’s heartbreaking and can really shake a relationship. Or bring it closer together…

I had the honour of speaking with Lauren Hewes of TinyLadder about what it is really like being intimate after pregnancy loss.

Lauren and I met when we were both selected for the Women’s Health and Fitness Summit 2018 Platform presentations - which you can see on my Speaking page if you are curious. We both had taboo topics but we connected from the heart quickly. Lauren is a gem and she is on a mission to ensure that there are safe spaces for women to re-engage with exercise when their bodies are postpartum but they don’t have a baby. It’s a tragedy that doesn’t make sense but it happens and we both want women to know…

YOU are not ALONE.

Lauren and I would love for this topic to move out of the shadows so that women can get the help and support they need when they need it. Please watch this one and at the bottom of the page I have all the details as to how to follow Lauren and engage with her work.

You can find and follow Lauren at:

FB + IG @tinyladder