How I eat for my libido : a brief guide by Sexologist Lauren

Confession: I eat in a very nutritious, kind of interesting way...

Because health is my highest value, I INVEST a lot in what goes in and what I get out of my body. This has organically had a flow on effect for my libido in life and sex because being in our own version of personal health helps everything to flow.

I sometimes feel like I am sitting on a little mountain of gold with the wisdom and I felt called to share it #sharingiscaring.

Ready to watch? Hit play! If not, the following isn't a transcript, simply a list of what I love to eat and why and it ALL comes back to hormonal balancing NOT how to eat to influence how you look.

The foods I love for my LIBIDO...

BACON: Delicious, quick, good during the bleeding phase of our cycle when the richness of pork is supportive. 

GRASS FED BUTTER: Excellent fats that I use for cooking instead of oil and as it is - I use a block a week in my house!

EGGS: High quality protein source, it helps me feel full and satisfied and supports my follicular phase.

COFFEE: Joy, pleasure and inspiration in a cup. I like mine black.

TABASCO: I love hot sauces because they feel like fire for my libido. Tabasco Chipotle is so tasty and smoky!

SUNFLOWER SEEDS: Great for the pre-menstrual and menstrual (bleeding) phase of my cycle because they contain Zinc. Toast them a little for a flavour shift. Dr Mark Hyman says: there is not such thing as a bad seed. 

AVOCADOS: Perfect source of fat - which supports you to prevent starvation. Starvation triggers survival mode, which prevents your libido from flourishing.

KOMBUCHA: A lip-smacking beverage that is low on sugar and high on taste. The perfect alcohol substitute and I'm now brewing my own!

CHOCOLATE: 78% Cocoa is my favourite - regardless of what menstrual phase I am in! 

FAVVA BEANS: These are a high protein snack (dried broad beans) and really satisfy me when I am on the go. I eat them every weekday for fuel and they come in salt and vinegar #cantgowrong

TEA: Turmeric tea has been so warming to me this year, especially since I rarely drink alcohol now. I love all the herbal teas for comfort. Our bodies need to be and feel warm to move towards being sexual.

SALMON: Another great source of fats that I eat whenever I can. Satisfying and looks after your complection.

APPLES: Crunchy and sweet for when I feel a little out of sorts or stressed, I'm a green over red girl! 

GF PANCAKE MIX: It's got sugar and it tastes phenomenal as a treaty treat every weekend.

LENTIL TWISTS: This crunchy snack is so good when you want a little somethin' somethin' after dinner - all this range by The Wholesome Food Company are truly excellent! 

And not mentioned in the video are:

SWEET POTATOES: Particularly good when we are pre-menstrual due to their sweetness factor. These curb sugar cravings for me and as a bonus, help to clear excess oestrogen that hinders, not helps, our sexual interest and arousal. Yay for nature!

COCONUT WATER: 4 x more hydrating than water, this one gets the big tick pre and post sex because fluid loss is draining (and tiring). 


I hope that helps - looking yourself through foods wherever you can is a must. Invest in your food and see it as a long term thing, especially for your libido, which is with you forever. If you want to know more about eating for your cycle, Alisa Vitti's WomanCode from is the place to start!

Now, I want to know...what's your favourite?

Lauren xo