VLOG: Why you need sound in your sex life

When you feel pleasure you make sound right?

Getting on to the Tube finally and my gut said to speak about sound and sex. It is the recurring theme in sessions - women feeling a lack of confidence around speaking up and making sound. They often say 'I am just not one of those people that make sound...'


Yeah you are!! Unless for some bizarre reason you are physiologically hardwired differently than the rest of the other 6 billion primal beings on the planet?!

Sound feels good. No, sound feels fucking amazing! It helps to reset and amplify what is going on in your body and gets the rational mind to take a backseat.
Sound - it feels inauthentic until it is authentic. It feels uncomfortable and then it becomes comfortable.

When women feel inhibited they rarely make sound so this vlog speaks to the importance of sound during sex and a little open mouth demonstration.

Lauren xo