CELEBRATING 3 years of Sexosophy!!


Wow!! 3 years of creating, crying, manifesting, smiling, connecting, distilling, stopping, starting, feeling, sexifying, electrifying, laughing, growing, dying, birthing, challenging, tweaking, fucking, dancing, writing, living, loving holy crap business-offering-service to women!!

It's true that I haven't birthed Sexosophy - it has birthed me. There is symbiosis and flow. It reveals to me and I reflect back. Back and forth, back and forth.

I remember this day 3 years ago, walking through Central Station with my palms sweating thinking 'I am so fucking scared of doing this but I just have to try'. And that was it.

That night, I got the ball rolling and started my Facebook page. I got a number of likes from friends at first and thought - 'getting to 500 likes should be easy!' Erm, we are still not quite there yet haha. It's been such a minefield for my ego.

BUT the interesting thing is that it doesn't really matter. Social media doesn't capture what it is like to be in an intimate space with a woman fully revealing herself to you when this is something that does not happen in her daily world. It also doesn't capture the way that it feels to finally be able to stand across from your concerns and look at them rather than be completely fused with them. It doesn't hold the experience of playing with breath, movement, touch and sound simultaneously. It doesn't know what it is to be witnessed in revelations and it doesn't know what it is to break-through, delve deep and overcome.

Sexosophy is growing and this excites me. I am maturing and this excites me. 2016 will be about polishing what I already have to offer in talk and somatic sessions as I am entering in the next phase of sexological bodywork (sexbod) to be a Certified Somatic Sex Educator. What brings a lot of joy to my heart is that I will be a coach to students commencing sexbod for the first time. It's time to extend and morph and clients on the receiving end will be richly rewarded through these learnings that are clear and hold so much integrity.

Thank you for visiting my portal and stay tuned for more about the never-ending topic that is human sexuality.

Lauren xo