YONI MASSAGE: The vital ingredient missing from your sex life

She arrived.

I have been waiting for Val for months. 

I embraced her. I cooed and I felt her depth - all the way to her cervix.

Yes. My very own Vulvalicious Cushion had entered my world and I wasn't letting her go.

Val's beauty, grace and charm has prompted me to divulge 3 of my favourite moves for yoni massage. I love her (and my own yoni) and I believe we could all be feeling more love for our exquisiteness. Let man and woman alike worship her <3

                              Yoni massage is the vital ingredient missing from your sex life.

Yoni massage is a means of allowing the yoni/vulva/pussy to gently open rather than be pressured to bloom. Being a very YIN part of our bodies, she generally responds well to SLOW, present touch rather than quick and hard pressure. 

You may not realise this but the yoni can be approached much further up on the woman's womb with a gentle massage over her pubic mound. Often neglected, it is a juicy little fat deposit that protects our pubic bone and is energetically often a holding space for tension in all bodies. By moving your palm over it, you will not only promote relaxation but indirectly stimulate the clitoral shaft when moving your hand in a downward motion closer to the top of the yoni. Considered touch is key here.

Feel your way through your own or your partners yoni with a healthy dose of attention to the outer lips. The old medical textbook term of labia majora is rarely used by sexologists and sex geeks as it suggests that the lips are bigger or longer than the inner lips. Reducing stigma one word/term at a time. The outer lips are nice and plump and when we stroke down the lips with our thumbs, we are edging closer to feeling the inner legs of the clitoris underneath. Rest assured, if you don't feel anything this is perfectly natural early on in yoni massage as blood pumping, physiological arousal will be our best ally. Just enjoy the pressure of the thumbs moving up and down and feel free to vary it up with some pitter patter motions (yeah, like rain drops).

If you would like to feel more intensity in more locations and are feeling particularly juiced up, try my very own creation - the picnic basket! This landed in for me one eve when all I could feel was this touch that was a picnic basket - containing a whole lot of goodies to cater to a range of tastes. Think of your hand as a spider approaching the yoni with its legs moving vigorously and try and have your fingertips move all over the yoni - up, down and around. Ask her (or yourself) how she likes the pressure and speed. Let her call the shots and have her body speak. 

Don't forget that a gentle blow of air on the yoni can also feel like a touch of its own. Move from far away and come in closer. Blow a raspberry if you are both feeling playful! This creates natural vibes on the yoni that are far gentler than a vibrator and the smile it can bring may be a warm welcome to a serious sex play session.

So, love love LOVE the yoni. Respect her, learn more about her, play with her and worship her! 

Lauren (+ Val) xo

**To learn more about the beautiful Vulvalicious Cushion, head straight to www.yoni.com by the effervescent sex educator and goddess Laura-Doe**