Sometimes the timing is just apt. I finally had my first session of Watsu today and there was a reason it met me here rather than 2 years ago. As with most approaches of somatic bodywork, there isn’t something to expect and that’s where so much of the gold is.

Today also meant that I had moved through 730 more days of wisdom, beautiful mistakes and somatic intuition, which inevitably feeds into what I was open to feeling. Release was the key word.

Water has always been a very erotic element for me and I share with Mel that I often take the time after swimming laps to just play in water – to feel the sensation of holding my breath and being completely encapsulated by this still but powerful medium.

My first session with Mel was warm, nurturing and comforting. I felt safe and cocooned as we glided through the water. Watsu for me was so present. I could feel the ticking of my head at times but I could still tap into the sensations of being a serpent moving through water, the child-like joy of being gently propelled and the images of nature that arose in my mind. Calming, human, centering.

The underwater tumbling was akin to being in utero somehow – the feeling of being held but also invisibly suspended. And as my body rose to the surface, the play of light and tones on my eyelids brought a sense of awakening.

As it came to a close, it left me with a feeling of vulnerability. Not in the way that I felt exposed but the feeling that I could be soft without an outcome attached. And, like so many feelings it was there and then it was gone. 

Lauren xo

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