LIBIDO: The holistic cure to low libido

You multitask and juggle to no end, feel strung out and low on energy and zeal for life. Everything in your life has become classified as top priority or urgent, leaving you stretched and exhausted. There are a few names for this state – burnout, breakdown or adrenal fatigue. Whichever terms seems to suit you best, one thing is for sure – your libido may be feeling the wrath. Let’s explore a little more…

Although the brain is often coined as the biggest sex organ of them all due to its role in hormone release, attraction and desire; we can’t forget that it is our body that often speaks during sex and times of arousal. We feel physically excited, the butterflies and the anticipation, the tingling and the firmness as we have set our senses on what we want. But if this feeling of your arousal in the limelight has become unfamiliar to you, it may be an indication of something else going on that is sapping you of sexual energy.

But before we go on, a little anatomy lesson. Our bodies are made to perform and stand up to stressful and anxiety provoking situations. After all, stress always has and always will be a part of daily life. When we are confronted with these situations, our body responds by releasing a stress hormone called cortisol from our adrenal glands (on top of our kidneys) to ensure that we respond to anything that is threatening. Cortisol naturally peaks in the human body in the morning, signalling for us to get up and start the day. But this natural release can go awry and into overdrive if our body continually receives the message that we are threatened – not pleasant for us and not pleasant for body.

Remember those times you have been worried about a presentation, an interview, another person or managing everything that life throws at us and feeling a ‘kick in the guts’? That kick is our cortisol being set off to propel us into action. Whilst this feeling is generally unpleasant, the most concerning part is that its flow on effect can disrupt our patience, our mood, our energy, appetite, sleep patterns and our libido. Why our libido? Because when our body is in a state of fear or survival, it can receive the message that only the most basic functions require its attention so that it can continue to fight the threat. Making sense? When picking up the kids, making dinner, going to work, spending hours with technology, moving house and paying bills all comes as top priority, you may roll over to your partner (or yourself) at 11pm and feel wired but tired and sexual expression is the last thing on your mind. Come to think of it, when did you last fantasise about sex?

If this is ringing true for you, you may be in adrenal fatigue, the modern day condition that is creating icicles in bedrooms.

So you want to feel your libido again and are keen to know the antidote?

The best approach is a holistic one. Our sexual energy requires care, attention and nurturing so I would encourage you to enquire into your own life and see what currently fits this bill. Generally, what isn’t healthy for our minds or bodies needs a bit of a review so counteractions to lethargy, apathy, sedentary behaviour, addictions to technology, drug and alcohol use, conflict with our partners, heavily processed food and stress levels are in order. The key words here are balance, health, and relaxation.

When we are in the throes of burnout or adrenal fatigue, it is easy to feel unsexual and out of touch with our libido. So if you are seeking some more answers to this common dilemma, I invite you to consider sex coaching sessions to help you feel your true sexual nature again (or for the first time!)

Lauren xo