A CLIENTS TAKE: What I learnt from seeing a Sexologist

Interested about what it is like to be a Sexosophy client? Well, here it all is - from the woman's mouth! Danielle, life coach and creator of Energy Temple has been brazen enough to share all. 

I saw Danielle towards the end of 2015 for the Sensuality Package (3 talk sessions and one tantric bodywork session) and she also attended my Libido Series seminars. What unfolded for her was beautiful and she has captured the essence of moving into her own sexual exploration so succinctly in this piece on her blog. 

Danielle morphed in her sessions and the best thing she did for herself was...she remained curious about what her sexuality wanted to reveal to her. This made the world of difference. She was so curious and without judgment. She would always smile when she realised something, shed a tear and express rather than go into a spiral of berating herself. Here’s an insight she shares…

I also started to feel more connected to my womanhood and my yoni, which felt amazingly powerful.  Through this I discovered the power of the full body YES and how incredible a sexual encounter of any kind can be if you check in with yourself. By allowing yourself the time and space to get a clear YES from the heart, mind and yoni you are committing to a full body experience and one that you won’t feel regretful of. 


Lauren xo