VLOG: What I want men to know about female sexuality

Men, it is time to check-in with your partner about how she feels about being groped in a non-sexual situation, the pressure on her to orgasm and the context in which you have sex. In this vlog, I speak into the importance of these 3 factors to consider so that her sex goddess can emerge. I have spoken with hundreds of women about their libido and sexuality and they need your help on these fronts. But if there was one take-home message I just had to share, it would be:

She does not orgasm for you. She orgasms for her. Stop being attached to her orgasm, it doesn't exist to feed your ego. The more pressure you put on her to come, the less likely it is that she will orgasm. 

Enjoy tending to her outside world and internal beauty that is seeking your assistance. Your effort and tact in these 3 areas will help her to move into her sex goddess and increase the chances of you connecting with her on the level that you crave.

Lauren xo