SEX COACHING: An open letter to my future client

Hello special woman,

I see you searching and I would like to speak to you personally. 

If the following resonates, we will collaborate well together in exploring your sexuality, femininity and sensuality. 

You do, do, do in your life and struggle to feel – so you keep doing.

Sex may be a chore or you just don’t get it.

You know how you don’t want to feel but you feel this gap between the now and how you do want to feel.

You say you are nervous and don’t know what to expect from sex coaching but you are at least comfortable enough to speak up during sessions and to unpeel some of the layers.

Your partner may have prompted you to search for help but then you start to think, I actually want this for me.

You are a little weird but not necessarily outward in this. I like you already.

You value your wellbeing, your acuity, your integrity, your safety and your intuition. All of these pieces may not always be there but you would like them to be.

Your body wants to speak and you know this. You recognise it is in some form of repression and you want to move out of this into expression but you feel inhibited.

You understand that the magic wand doesn’t exist – you are excited by the prospect of going deeper through exploration and experiential home practices.

You have a hunger in you that is unquantifiable. You have fed your hunger to this point through alternate means. It has been satiated to a point and now you recognise that the hunger is your sex centre seeking nurturing.

Listen, step forward, make contact. See change.

Sex coaching sessions for women are available now.

Lauren xo