SEX COACHING: Resistance doesn't want you to change

Sex coaching inevitably brings up stuff. By that I mean it isn’t a linear process that goes from having a problem to problem solved. There are bumps in the road and the main bump is known as resistance. Resistance usually happens after you have seen a change in your sexuality, attitude and approach but really there is something bigger lurking. When this bigger issue comes to the forefront, it is a sure-fire trigger to retreat and to choose for everything to remain the same. Retreating is known, cushy, warm. It's also boring, fear-loving and in stasis.

That bigger issue I mentioned - that is often interpreted as a flaw or something too threatening to a veneer or armour that has been created. But here’s the catch – nothing really changes until you move through that with some tears and pain. I know anxiety and pain are scary but living in inhibition, without pleasure and connection is scarier. So if you feel scared, say it! We’ll get through it. This process is so personal on the one hand but so impersonal on the other. Because human feelings and patterns are universal (thus predictable). I guarantee I will hold you through that tough spot if you can guarantee that you can hold yourself. Owning your sexuality and being confident is about owning all the parts and being self-responsible. At the end of the day, you are your longest sexual relationship. Women are ready to stop handing over their problems to their partners and being passive and this is the way for you to be empowered. The only way.

Lauren xo